Stories for March 1999


Monday, March 29

Grays win, lose to Scottsdale

The Payson Grays senior softball team finished with a sister-kisser in a doubleheader against Scottsdale's Good Times, winning the opener 12-7 but dropping the nightcap 15-14.

Town's crime rate drops again

With a new police station in the works and his desire for more officers on the street, Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner reports that Payson's crime rate has dropped again though motor vehicle thefts and DUI citations increased sharply.

Hunters kill attacking pair of javelina

Dan Cowell revels in retelling the tale of a recent javelina hunt with his two friends Larry Varney and Lyn Hall.

McKee key to Payson High golf team

Since he was only knee high to his golf-playing father, 16-year-old Tyson McKee has shown the links promise to become one of the best young golfers in the Rim country.

Horns battle to keep 4th ranking

Battling an agonizingly sore neck that kept his head cocked to one side as if he was peering around a corner, Payson High School coach Teddy Pettet had a tilted view of his squad's two victories and one loss in last week's play.

Put more officers on the highways

Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Joe Albo painted a worrisome picture during a presentation last week in Payson: a scene of miles and miles of state highways with nary a police officer in sight.

Pine-Strawberry principal resigning

Pine-Strawberry School Principal Richard Soikkeli resigned Thursday, effective July 1, during a performance evaluation by the school board.

Mid-town arrest Monday results in eight felony charges against man

Payson Police charged a local man with eight separate felony counts Monday afternoon after arresting him near Chapman Auto Center.

Kevorkian should not be punished for ending suffering

Why should anyone be forced to die a painful death when he/she could have the option of going on to the next life peacefully?

Things are different in Arizona

In Wyoming a gay man is killed just because he is gay. It's called a hate crime.

Haught-Cooper incident an important lesson for us

This letter is in regards to the latest outcome of Roy Haught and his trial and sentencing.

Why do the young have to be so beautiful, anyway?

It took a while, but I finally got old, sick, fat and ugly and moved to the Rim country. Hooray, I'm here! Shut the gates and put up the barricades.

Premier now under new ownership

Senior citizens who signed up with Premier Healthcare, in response to what many said were the rising costs of their Intergroup HMO memberships, may be in for a surprise.

Officials quarantine Young area over rabies

Two more rabid foxes have been confirmed in the Young area, bringing the number of infected animals to three discovered in the last week.

Eight DUIs nabbed by Wolfpack patrols in Payson and Globe

Eight motorists in Gila County were safely removed from the roadways by the latest Gila County Wolfpack task force.

Payson shoots closer to pin at Oak Creek

Reveling in the opportunity to challenge the scenic Oak Creek Country Club designed by Robert Trent Jones, 41 members of the Payson Men's Golf Association showed up Thursday at the course near Sedona for an inter-club meet.

Thursday, March 25

Council invests in relocation of rodeo grounds

Coordinator to get contract extension, raise

Town Council members are betting that multi-event center fund-raiser Barry Cardinael will find a way to pay for the relocation of the rodeo grounds and are putting town money up front to support his efforts.

Haughts do not deserve abuse

I am writing this in defense of the Haught families.

Roosevelt the place to fish this spring

The word out of Tonto Basin is that Lake Roosevelt is a "fishing hot spot."

Judge's decision wasted my time as a juror

As a member of the jury that convicted Roy Haught, I have difficulty understanding why I drove 180 miles a day for jury duty only to have my and 11 other jurors' verdict disregarded.

It's time for Haught to take responsibility

Oh, Mr. Haught, thank you so much for giving to our charities, thank you so much for giving to the poor, thank you so much for helping with the baseball fields around town, thank you so much for giving your precious time to our churches, thank you so much for helping us with the rodeo association, thank you for laboring your time and money in our society.

Council decides to keep maintaining dirt roads

For people who live along some 8-1/2 miles of dirt roads the town has been maintaining since 1974, the idea of accepting them into the town's street system was simple enough and equitable.

Hospital works deal that will extend Main Street

Building a path that leads directly from Main Street to the hospital will not only provide easy access for emergency crews, it's a step forward in the hospital's goal toward becoming a state-of-the-art facility, says Russell Judd, Payson Regional Medical Center's chief executive officer.

Editor's note

We received many more letters about the Roy Haught sentencing than we have published in this issue.

History says judge wrong in changing verdict

Recent proceedings in the courts of the United States leave grave doubt in the minds of the average American about the health of the criminal justice system in the United States. In the March issue of Spotlight, there appeared a most interesting article: "Courts Check Fully Informed Juries," which seems to be the current situation in Gila County. The article stated: Jonathan Turley, a professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, remarked in a letter to the Washington Post on the popularity throughout history of jury nullification. He noted in his letter that the White House adopted jury nullification as a last resort during the Clinton impeachment trial in the House.

Sentencing leaves a sour taste

The recent sentencing of Roy Haught is yet another example of incompetence so prevalent in our courts today. Judge Edd Dawson ought to be kicked off the bench.

Sentence not fair to Cooper family

Well, it's finally over, the Haught murder case. But can we really say it's over? It seems evident that Judge Dawson has just immensely irritated the situation.

Clinton proves to be true apologist

President Clinton has been maligned by his critics regarding his evasiveness. He really and truly can apologize, fully and openly.

Why bother with a view of the lake?

Since moving to Whispering Pines better than a year ago, I haven't had occasion to stroll around Green Valley Lake until recently. The first thing I noticed when I pulled into the parking lot was that there wasn't a lake there at all any more, only the front of a long building. Imagine my relief when I peeked around the corner and discovered that the lake was, indeed, still there.

Teachers, staff deserve pat on the back

It is time we, as members of the Pine-Strawberry community, commend our teachers and staff at the Pine-Strawberry School for the job they are doing.

Students help 'hardship' cases

The Payson High School Student Council will hold an all-you-can-eat benefit spaghetti dinner at 5 p.m. Monday, March 29 at Payson Elementary School to raise money for the council's new Student Hardship Fund.

Rangers may close nearby area to commercial mining

Tonto National Forest officials are proposing to withdraw approximately 7,040 acres of Rim country land from commercial mining and have scheduled an open house meeting to discuss the issue.

Take your terrier to Tag Day Saturday

If you haven't had the time to renew Fido's license yet because of a busy work schedule, Saturday afternoon is your chance for one-stop shopping at the Payson Town Hall parking lot.

Rabid fox clamps onto boy's leg

A 12-year-old boy from Young is undergoing a series of life-saving shots following his encounter with a rabid fox Monday evening south of Young.

Forest officials may parcel out land exchange

Forest Service officials may trim several hundred acres off their 1,560-acre Payson IV land exchange proposal in anticipation of rising land values.

Let the riders roll at Rumsey

How many of you, when you were young, spent countless hours enjoying the seesaw or the merry-go-round at your town's local park?

Robertson accepts at NAU

Next fall, the Rim country's loss will be Northern Arizona University's gain when one of the greatest athletes in PHS history discards her well-worn purple and gold for the new blue of a Lady Lumberjack.

PHS track gets ready for state

Hoping to get a running start into the state finals, Payson High School track and field coach Chuck Hardt packed up nine of his premier athletes Friday and headed to Tucson for competition in the Willie Williams Classic.

Horns dominate the diamond

The hard-chargin' Longhorn baseball team lived up to its lofty fourth-place state ranking in a 14-6 drubbing of Central rival, Globe Tuesday on PHS diamond.

Monday, March 22

Deputy pleads 'not guilty' to DUI charge

Rodney Cronk, the Gila County Sheriff's deputy charged with driving under the influence Halloween night, after wrecking his motorcycle, filed his plea of not guilty to the misdemeanor office Monday in Payson Justice Court.

Longhorns break into spring training

The frivolity of spring break ended Monday afternoon for Longhorn teams when athletes trudged back onto practice fields to begin preparations for regular season stretch-runs and possible berths in the state playoffs.

Fate of new airport terminal rests with private sector

Town officials are looking at an alternate plan for a new terminal at the Payson Municipal Airport after they learned that a large part of the proposed building cannot be funded by federal grants.

Former Horns' pitcher making his mark on college diamond

Word out of Southern California is that former Payson High School pitching ace Tom Canale is setting the collegiate baseball world on its ear with his hurling exploits at California Lutheran in Thousand Oaks.

Haught appeals verdict

While prosecutors were preparing to appeal the March 12 sentencing of Star Valley businessman Roy Haught, who was convicted Feb. 16 of killing mechanic Jim Cooper, defense attorney Tracey Westerhausen was working on her own appeal.

Volunteers start bikes rolling on Parks & Rec's BMX track

All it took was a few dozen doughnuts, a Boy Scout working on his Eagle Scout badge and some enthusiastic volunteers to turn a patch of dirt west of the rodeo grounds at Rumsey Park into some BMX practice jumps.

Backbone's closing a loss to community

Unlike turn-of-the-century robber barons, we are sad to see our competition go.

Citizens need to beware of Y2K bank scam

With all the hype over the coming millennium, there are bound to be scam artists that prey on people's fears. This is written to inform you of an old telephone scam with a Y2K twist that has already claimed several victims.

Hunter education course starts March 24

The Arizona Game and Fish Hunter Education program will begin its course of study at 6 p.m. March 24 at the Rim Country Middle School gymnasium.

Women's golf begins

The Payson Women's Golf Association begins its 1999 season with a kick-off brunch Tuesday, March 30 at the Masonic Lodge, at 200 East Rancho Road.

Volunteers make progress on multi-event center site

On the weekend of March 6-7, 17 volunteers worked at various tasks at the Payson Multi-Event Center site. Several worked at laying down 1400 feet of river rock in a curb along the new Green Valley Parkway.

Fund-raiser a hair-razing experience

When the deal was originally made, the five volunteers from the First Southern Baptist Church were pretty sure of the outcome.

Dust not settled on town's dirt roads

Eight-and-a-half miles of dirt roads in town that need at least minimal maintenance have town officials scrambling for answers.

Police face many unforeseen dangers

I have never wrote to a paper before but I could not stand by and let the lady's comments go by about the police action on the Beeline at Charleston [Motor Inn] without saying something.

Grays grab pair of wins

The Payson Grays senior softball team tuned up for the opening of spring play in the Fountain Hills league next week with a pair of wins over the Prescott seniors.

Thursday, March 18

Scare tactics out of line on dirt road issue

The Friday March 12 Roundup included a report on the March 11 Town Council meeting. There were some disturbing statements by some town officials cited in this report that needs to be addressed from a citizen's standpoint.

Golf tourney offers a shot at Chaparral

Local golfers who might not ordinarily have access to one of Arizona's most prestigious private courses The Golf Club at Chaparral Pines will be able to test its 18 holes by entering an upcoming tournament.

Lady Horns top rivals from old division

When Payson High School was a member of the East Division from 1991 to 1997, Longhorn sports teams often found themselves locked in fierce athletic wars against both Snowflake and Show Low.

Zumbro perfect versus Miami

Payson pitcher Bryan Zumbro gave the Miami Vandals no break Tuesday during spring recess, pitching a perfect, five-inning game in a 12-0 Longhorn victory.

Sporting Association aims for another big banquet

The prize list for the upcoming Mogollon Sporting Association banquet is growing in leaps and bounds.

Jayvee off to unblemished start

It's now spring break for students in the Payson Unified School District and most of the members of the sports teams are wallowing through a brief respite from the rigors of daily practices.

Judge's sentencing of Haught undermines system

The tragedy of the loss of Jim Cooper at the hands of Roy Haught did not end with Jim Cooper's death. It seems that Judge(?) Edd Dawson has compounded the tragedy with his ludicrous sentencing.

Care justified on part of police officers

Regarding the letter to the editor from one Jean King in the March 9 Roundup: I would hope this person would ride with a police officer on several Friday and Saturday nights. Or better yet, follow a detention officer in a county jail for a week. Trust me, she wouldn't last one shift.

Heating systems need care, maintenance

Due to recent events here in Northern Gila County concerning heating systems and their problems, I am prompted to present this reminder.

Persistent would-be car lot operator closing in on goal

Fred Lashley has been burning up the road between Strawberry and Globe for the last few months, and may himself need a new car by the time he's accomplished his task.

Judge Dawson's Haught decision was wrong

The news was stunning Payson's Roy Haught, convicted of causing the death of James Cooper of Strawberry in a nighttime fight, was sentenced by Judge Edd Dawson to only six months of work-release jail time and five years of probation.

Prosecutors file appeal on Haught sentence

Strawberry The coffee shops and cafin this close-knit mountain community are boiling with outrage this week over what residents here consider a miscarriage of justice in the death of popular Strawberry resident Jim Cooper.

Fire crews get ready, set to go

It's not a year for rookie firefighters in the Tonto National Forest.

Company trying to mend bills for ambulance supplies

When the 911 system is activated in this area for a medical emergency, the Payson, Pine-Strawberry, Diamond Star, Christopher-Kohl's or another fire department is the first responder. They respond to medical emergencies and call an ambulance to transport the patient to the hospital if necessary.

Council to consider cash deal on arena

When the Payson Town Council holds a special meeting Tuesday, it will take up a question that has come down through the ages.

Crayfish good for cooking, not so good for local creeks

Hunkered down in the shallows of the East Verde River with her chin resting comfortably on her knees, 10-year-old Wytnee Hlavacek flips an egg-sized stone over in the water while learning a hands-on lesson in the crafty art of catching crawdads.

Peaceful new era on horizon for Humane Society

The Payson Humane Society's board of directors and a group of concerned members seem to be on the way to working out animal shelter issues.

Community turning out to help fire victims

The volunteer spirit is still alive in Rim country! Immediate efforts have already begun to come to the aid of the Crouts, who lost everything of a material nature in their tragic early morning fire on Wednesday, March 10.

Ex-coach now nurturing wild wolves

A recent phone conversation with former Payson High School teacher and coach Bruce Sitko reveals he's highly involved in the controversial Mexican gray wolves reintroduction program going on in eastern Arizona, north of Clifton.

Hillary has one character flaw or another

It would appear that in the past six years Hillary Rodham Clinton has been shocked, hurt, indignant, and strangely forgiving five separate times that her husband was accused of less-than-prudent behavior. Now New York wants this lady to share her expertise and wisdom in the U.S. Senate.

Monday, March 15

Keep students safe: Slow down around school zones

I am the crossing guard at Frontier Elementary School. I stand at the corner of Frontier and Mud Springs [roads] and walk the kids across the road when school gets out in an attempt to keep them safe.

Fire victims seek donations

The manufactured home on Clark Road that burned to the ground last week was the first home Vernon and Frances Crout ever owned.

PWGA kicks off season with Tuesday brunch

The Payson Women's Golf Association begins its 1999 season with a kick-off brunch Tuesday, March 30 at the Masonic Lodge, 200 East Rancho Road.

Animal shelter staff helpful and professional

Three weeks ago my wife and I adopted a dog from the Payson Humane Society animal shelter. It was a very positive experience.

Haught sentence: probation

After listening to witnesses testify for three and a half hours about the character of the man convicted of killing Strawberry mechanic Jim Cooper, Judge Edd Dawson decided not to send Roy George Haught of Star Valley to prison.

Keeping the casino 'clean'

A behind-the-scenes look at casino security

While hoards of hopeful fortune-hunters plunk quarter after quarter into the flashing one-armed bandits at the Mazatzal Casino, a dedicated crew of employees work quietly behind the scenes.

Bad medicine festers behind closed doors

No doctor in her right mind would routinely practice medicine in the dark, but hospital administrators around the state are asking lawmakers to let them do just that.

Neighbors disturbed by bulldozers, bare ground

Workers at the Stone Creek subdivision between Summit Street and Longhorn Road are grading the site after clearing the trees from all the building pads and the streets and rights of way a change in the landscape that worries some nearby residents.

Horns' tournament play inconsistent

A break-even 3-3 showing in the Miami Invitational Tournament last weekend has Payson High School baseball coach Teddy Pettet wondering if his Longhorn team 5-3 overall is worthy of its state fourth-place ranking.

Horn squads the teams to beat in Central Division

This week's spring break vacation should be a spirited one for Payson High School track team members knowing they stamped themselves as the teams to beat in the Central Division with convincing wins at the six-team Cactus Shadows Invitational.

Desert Vista slugger chasing Hunter Walden's home run record

Hunter Walden's single-season state home run record of 17 might not stand much longer.

PMGA opens season against Beaver Creek

The Payson Men's Golf Association opened season play on the road March 10 against the Beaver Creek Golf Course Men's Association. The course is located near Camp Verde.

Who's left to hate without Hillary?

Since everyone else is giving their opinions on Hillary Clinton's possible run for the New York Senate seat, I thought I would throw in my two cents' worth.

Draft needed to bolster shrinking military ranks

Can you imagine a nation with an abundance of wealth and even greater freedoms entrusting its defense to the poorly educated members of a sort of permanent underclass?

Sunday, March 14

Haught sentenced

Roy George Haught, the man convicted of aggravated assault and negligent homicide in the beating death of Jim Cooper of Strawberry, was sentenced Friday ...

Thursday, March 11

Martinez named MVP of Jr. Nationals

While many youngsters are complaining there's nothing for teen-agers to do, 16-year-old Rheanna Martinez was struggling last weekend trying to find ample time to take care of her obligations.

Mayor says vote paves way for headaches

The Town Council "created a monster," Mayor Vern Stiffler said Thursday after the council voted three to two to accept ownership of some eight miles of private dirt road that the town has maintained for years.

P-S School officials save student trip to Mexico

While 15 students from the Pine-Strawberry School District enjoyed the sunny climes of Cucurpe, Sonora, Mexico, Tuesday, the school board discussed continuing the annual student exchange with its sister city.

Adjustments needed for Lady Horns before postseason play

In preseason drills, Lady Longhorn softball coach Greg Larkins said his team's hitting attack must improve over last year's anemic showing if the team is to reach its goal of a top-three finish in the Central Division and a berth in the state tournament.

Fence mending has begun

President Clinton recently admitted there have been times when he's felt like a fire hydrant surrounded by a pack of dogs.

It all adds up in track and field events

The Payson High School boys' track team pulled off one of the most bizarre championships recorded in prep sports.

Jayvee roster full of varsity hopefuls

Lady Longhorn basketball coach Jerry Daniels will be scouring the PHS campus this spring looking for athletes to replace the three seniors who will graduate with the class of 1999.

Hot coals turn home to ashes

Neighbors battle blaze with garden hoses, couple newly arrived in Payson left homeless

The persistent beeping of Fran and Vernon Crout's smoke detector roused the couple out of bed early Thursday morning in time to escape a fire that destroyed their house, cars and almost everything else they owned.

Hillary should stay out of politics and get a job

When I first heard the pundits proclaiming that Hillary Clinton was planning to run for the Senate to replace retiring Senator Monahan of New York, I dismissed the thought. Who in their right mind would want to expose themselves to more of the past 18 months of what must have been pure hell for the Clinton family, especially their only child, Chelsea?

Man involved in motel standoff back on street

Dennis Jones the man who attracted the attention of three area law enforcement agencies and the Payson Special Response Team Feb. 26 when he holed up in the Charleston Inn is a free man this week.

Humane Society combatants find common ground

Despite fears of a drawn-out dogfight, a meeting between the Payson Humane Society Board of Directors, and a five-member ad-hoc committee went off Wednesday night without a hitch.

Call of the wild

Dog teams draw animal doctor to frozen wilderness

Most people head to warmer climates when they take their mid-winter breaks from the dog-eat-dog world.

Monday, March 8

Duo seeks to bedeck highways

Pair soliciting funds to hang patriotic banners

Each patriotic holiday, motorists along the Beeline and Highway 260 witness the hard-working crew from the Payson Flag Committee carefully hanging American flags from street light poles that line the highways in town.

No government yet on town's television access channel

The Payson Town Council is still looking for a way to make its Thursday night meetings can-see TV.

Anti-Christian syndrome forgets God's judgment

As the anti-Christian syndrome is increasing in our country, and some of our staunchest leaders are capitulating to the forces of the secular society, we tend to forget that some day we will be judged by the Word of God.

Lake claims Flagstaff boater

Forty-one-year-old Joe Joyce of Flagstaff drowned while trying to launch his fishing boat Friday afternoon at Roosevelt Lake.

Boys face charges in school sex incident

Three junior high boys from Pine-Strawberry School District face felony charges for allegedly sexually assaulting one or more female classmates on school grounds.

Light a fire in everyone about summer's threat

A Roundup reporter's account on page 10A of today's paper is a forewarning of what we may expect this spring and summer if drought continues - as expected.

Payson hosts Red vs. Blue mat wars

For the second consecutive year, the most prestigious annual sporting event in Arizona high school wrestling will be held in Payson.

Good news from the bad news Bears

The Coolidge Bears won't field a fast pitch softball team this spring because only nine players turned out for the opening practices.

Ad hoc group, Humane Society board exploring middle ground

The fur was flying again Thursday night as Pet Pals and would-be members of the Payson Humane Society met for the second time to air their concerns about the organization.

A tale of two grapplers

Not many young athletes can say they took up a sport because they were encouraged to do so by a former Olympic hero.

Police seem to be ready for just about anything

It was one of those precious moments in Payson history - Friday, the 26th of February, at the Charleston Motor Inn. There they were: two dozen of Gila County and Payson's finest, the Special Response Team in camouflage suits with beanbag shotgun loads, half of Payson's fire department with nozzles ready and one EMT vehicle.

Fire crews get a taste of what may be coming this summer

Residents in Pine Creek Canyon were tucked snugly in bed as a wildfire burned out of control to the northeast of them March 1. The quiet of my home was broken with a late night phone call. It was about 9 p.m.

Brush with brush fire a real eye-opener

On Sunday, Feb. 21, a wildfire started suspiciously/accidentally in a field adjacent to our property in Gisela. There were several minutes after we first discovered the fire that were some of the most frightening minutes we have ever experienced.

Council to hear concerns about east side rezoning

Residents of Chaparral Pines Drive are expected to attend a public hearing Thursday to protest a rezoning request for a proposed subdivision in their corner of town.

Thursday, March 4

Casino overwhelming Elks bingo

The proceeds from the bingo games held twice a week at the Elks Club in Payson are used to help local charities, scholarship, and youth programs and many other projects which benefit the community.

DUI charges filed, court appearance set for sheriff's deputy

An initial court appearance has been set for a Gila County Sheriff's Department Deputy accused of driving his motorcycle while he was intoxicated last Halloween night.

'Yes' vote on franchises makes sense

If you are opposed to red tape and bureaucracy, then you should march down to the polling places in Payson Tuesday and cast a ballot in favor of franchise agreements between the Town of Payson and APS and Energy West Inc.

P-S action unknown after 10-hour hearing

The Pine-Strawberry School Board held student disciplinary hearings for 10 hours Wednesday to decide the fate of three junior high boys accused of sexually assaulting one or more female classmates on school grounds.

Voters to decide on franchise agreements Tuesday

If the electricity goes off at midnight tonight, would you want APS to have to wait until 8 a.m. to get a permit from Town Hall to make repairs?

Arson suspected in truck fire

Payson Police are investigating the arson fire of a stolen Ford pickup truck out of Tempe, and wondering if they'll ever solve what seems to be a mystery.

Payson still helping out Mesa del

Mesa del Caballo residents will continue to receive emergency fire and medical service from the Payson Fire Department with an extended interim response agreement that has no current deadline.

Three arms carry Lady Horns

Pitching key to a winning season

State champion high school softball teams almost always sport a common thread good pitching.

The inside story of bus No. 7

Bumping along on one of the brown vinyl bench seats of bus No. 7, Shea'la Paul, a straight-shouldered first-grader with big eyes and a curious mind that casually tosses out questions about Barbie dolls and the nature of the universe, relaxes into a familiar tour of bus-stops on her way home from school.

Perspective on winning is shifting

The importance of "winning" is a hot topic in both middle school and high school sports.

Horns' win 'ugly' over Chino Valley

If beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, Longhorns baseball coach Teddy Pettet didn't spot much elegance in his team's 19-18 season-opening win Tuesday afternoon over visiting Chino Valley.

New literary magazine being launched on McKamey Street

There is small trailer on East McKamey in Payson that is home to Joe Grumbo and his family and the birthplace of a new magazine.

Successful veterans raise expectations for golf squad

Four returning starters from a squad that finished fourth in the 1998 state tournament has the Longhorn golf team and coach Dave Bradley primed for the new campaign.

Monday, March 1

Lady Horn nemesis is state champ

Lady Longhorn basketball players can take solace in the fact it took the best basketball team in Arizona's Class 3A ranks to eliminate them from the state tournament.

Central Division coaches like Robertson and Swartwood

With the 1998-99 prep hoop season at an end, individual players are turning their attention to the announcements of the five division all-star teams in the 3A conference.

What happens next is most important

On front page of today's Roundup we have a story about three junior high students at Pine-Strawberry School who face serious disciplinary action for allegedly sexually assaulting a girl at their school.

Horns ready to run and jump

Squads set to build on success of 1998 season

Riding high upon strong showings in last year's Central Division and Class 3A state championships, the Payson High School track and field teams are working their way through arduous preseason drills fueled by lofty aspirations for even more honors.

Beanbag blasts subdue suspect

Police spent a tense afternoon Friday on the northwest corner of Beeline and Bonita trying to assess the motives of Dennis Eugene Jones, who was holed up in a room at the Charleston Motor Inn.

Boys face expulsion on sex charges

Three junior high boys face long-term suspension or expulsion from Pine-Strawberry Elementary School this week for allegedly sexually assaulting one or more female classmates in a school hallway and on school grounds.

Chefs' competition draws taste-full crowd

It was one of those things that people say when a special event concludes without a major mishap but in this case, it seemed to be an understatement.

Be clear about use of troops before shipping them to Kosovo

Our nation is on a precipice that could bring American fighting forces onto a battleground of ethnic hatred that began centuries ago. Americans can not bring an end to such hatred on foreign shores.

Walden repeats division honor

As Central Division basketball coaches met to select their all-division players, the main question in most minds was, did PHS senior point guard Hunter Walden play enough of the campaign to repeat the first-team honors he won last year?

Times of drought call for halt on major construction

Now that it has become clear that Payson faces one of the worst drought and fire danger seasons in recent years, isn't it time for rather drastic action to save our resources?

Judge Dawson needs to send the right message

Judge Edd Dawson of the Gila County Superior Court now has a difficult decision to make about the sentencing of Roy Haught, which will impact not only several lives, but possibly several communities and their future.

Man strikes probation officer, flees scene

Payson Police are asking the county attorney's office to issue a felony warrant for the arrest of an East Verde Estates man after the man got into a scuffle with his probation officer and fled Friday afternoon.

Five arrested in poaching bust

A six-month undercover operation by the Arizona Game and Fish Special Operations Unit in Phoenix has culminated in six felony arrest warrants in Payson and Young.

'Pet Pals' angered by board's refusal to accept memberships

A group of longtime supporters of the Payson Humane Society are outraged this week because their checks to renew their society memberships were rejected by the shelter's board of directors.

Haught sentencing may be March 12

A mitigation hearing for Roy George Haught, the Star Valley businessman convicted last month of negligent homicide and aggravated assault in the death of Jim Cooper of Strawberry, has been set for 10 a.m. March 12 in Globe.

Wrestling a family affair for LaMottes

Growing up in Bridgeport, Ohio, Jeff and Matt LaMotte's second home was the wrestling room at the local high school.