Judge Dawson Needs To Send The Right Message


Judge Edd Dawson of the Gila County Superior Court now has a difficult decision to make about the sentencing of Roy Haught, which will impact not only several lives, but possibly several communities and their future.

I know it is a very heavy burden he carries at this time, so let me inject some thoughts which might or might not help lighten the load.

Both sides of this issue have lost, and will continue to lose. Emotions sometimes will dictate to our common sense. Therefore, one must try to make our mind control our heart.

We all know Mr. Haught did a lot for his community and came from an old ranching family; we have heard this several times, but, he has been convicted of negligent homicide.

Judge Dawson has not only an obligation, but also an opportunity to send a strong message to the entire community that this type of action will not be tolerated or condoned. He should not be blinded by the glutton of self-righteousness and constructed civic activities. He should look at the facts of the incident and the flagrant, arrogant attitude of the perpetrator, and his continued failure to take responsibility for his actions.

He should try to take into account the impact of what was done to a family who has not chosen to go to the media to stoke the fires of sympathy, but instead, gone to work every day trying to scratch out a living without a husband or a father.

I'm sure this message reflects the thoughts of a lot of people on both sides in this community.

We also understand that no decision will please everybody. The only obligation the judge has is to the blindfolded lady who holds the scales of justice.

John S. Martell

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