Casino Overwhelming Elks Bingo


The proceeds from the bingo games held twice a week at the Elks Club in Payson are used to help local charities, scholarship, and youth programs and many other projects which benefit the community.

Since the Mazatzal Casino started playing bingo on the reservation, the local town bingo games have gradually fallen by the wayside. The Senior Center bingo was the first to go, then the American Legion Post 69 gave up because of low attendance. The Elks Club has hung on for dear life, but the Wednesday night attendance is really hurting since the casino switched their games to the Elks regular bingo night.

Why can't the casino be satisfied with bingo on the nights that don't have non-profit charitable bingo? The Indians can hold their bingo on those nights with no competition.

In a small community like Payson, some courtesy should be shown to the people who "were there first"! The Elks sure would appreciate it if we could have some courteous consideration from the people at the reservation so our charities won't be affected.

A bingo player and also a charity supporter --

Elizabeth Horta

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