New Literary Magazine Being Launched On Mckamey Street


There is small trailer on East McKamey in Payson that is home to Joe Grumbo and his family and the birthplace of a new magazine.

It's a place where Grumbo is putting written and visual images together in a magazine dedicated to expressing the thoughts of today's young people.

"Nobody knows there's literature going on there," Grumbo said. His magazine will be called "Mightier Than the Sword."

"I'd like to make it a viable place for young people to say what they have to say and express thoughts that others might not care to hear," Grumbo said.

He now has up to 30 submissions for the magazine, and some pending ones, but only one has been submitted from Payson, even though the market for the literary offering will be mostly local.

"The first (issue) is the toughest to get off the ground," Grumbo said. People look at me and think I'm 17 -- it's hard for them to take me seriously."

The 24-year-old Payson man has several years of different publishing projects behind him and a determination that belies his age.

Grumbo was one of the group of nine non-conformists, "Alpha Beta Alpha," who published a literary magazine called "Born in an Ink Pen" while at Payson High School in 1992. They also published an underground newspaper, "The Noise," during their last year and a half at PHS.

"We eventually went off to college here and there," he said.

Grumbo went to Flagstaff and studied at Northern Arizona University until finances ran out. Then he returned to Payson and computer science classes at Eastern Arizona College.

"Between school, work and everything else, the time is strained to get everything done," he said.

Grumbo works "a quiet office job" at Payson Business Services. He processes medical bills and the atmosphere is what he needs. "It gives me a chance to think," he said. "Part of 'everything else' is raising my 1-year-old son, Zane."

His wife, Amy, helps out with the literary magazine when she can. "But she's kept pretty busy," Grumbo said.

Jennifer Chumbley, a contemporary poet in Flagstaff, is working with Grumbo on the magazine and will be featured in his next project.

"She's a poet, a very good contemporary poet, and she has a lot to say to people," Grumbo said. He said he knows there are others right here in Payson who have a lot to say, but he hasn't heard from them.

"I did a lot of fliers, posted on the Internet," he said. "People may see it, but they forget."

The project will cost him $1,000 for a small press run. Grumbo is paying for it out of his earnings and has a few sponsors. "It's a calculated risk, but I've got to do it," he said. "It needs to happen."

"Mightier Than the Sword" will be out in early April and Grumbo said he will continue to take submissions until it goes to print.

"I don't think a lot of people knew about this one," he said. "I'm learning along the way how to get the word out -- that's the big thing.

"I don't think people expected it here in Payson, but I think it'll be a good thing."

"Mightier Than the Sword" will be sold locally. To order a $3 copy, or to submit poetry, short stories or black and white photos to the literary magazine, write JAZdc, 602 E. McKamey, Payson, AZ 85541, or e-mail Grumbo at

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