Brush With Brush Fire A Real Eye-Opener


On Sunday, Feb. 21, a wildfire started suspiciously/accidentally in a field adjacent to our property in Gisela. There were several minutes after we first discovered the fire that were some of the most frightening minutes we have ever experienced.

We witnessed the fire's rapid advancement through the field, toward barns and homes and onto our property.

If the Gisela Volunteer Fire Department and what seemed like half of the community hadn't responded so quickly there is no question, to us, that there would have been severe property damage, including lost homes.

The effort put out by all those who showed up with either shovels, buckets, hoses, chain saws, or even refreshing drinks in hand, was heart-warming (no pun intended). We are indebted to all of them.

We are writing this as not only a thank-you to the community of Tonto Creek Shores and Gisela for all of their help and hard work, but also as a reminder of the severe dry conditions throughout all of the communities and the extreme danger of fires during this time.

Jim Scholl, Cyndy Gabel, and family

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