Council To Hear Concerns About East Side Rezoning


Residents of Chaparral Pines Drive are expected to attend a public hearing Thursday to protest a rezoning request for a proposed subdivision in their corner of town.

They were out in force Feb. 22 and voiced their opposition to the request at a Payson Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Basically, they told the commissioners that the proposed Greyfox subdivision was "the fox in the hen house."

The commission voted to recommend denial of the zone change request for the proposed nine-unit subdivision on 5.28 acres at Chaparral Pines Drive. The property is adjacent to a sparsely developed area purchased in 1993 during the sale of land included with the Payson III land exchange. It is across the road and south of the Chaparral Pines recreation area.

In opposing the rezoning, the commission also found that the proposed subdivision offers no housing options to the town's low- and medium-income citizens.

Despite the commission's vote in their favor, the residents in the area of the proposed subdivision will not rest easy. In a letter to the commission, Robert Kraniak wrote that he moved to Payson in 1993, purchased his property and built his home because of the 2-acre zoning of the neighborhood.

"If this rezoning passes, I will formally apply for a re-zoning of my acreage to be subdivided," he said.

Kraniak said he paid $8,000 in road and water improvements. "This was based on the number of home sites that could be built in this area."

He wrote that in 1998, after an initial rezoning request was turned down, a second rezoning request was approved for the Pine Gate subdivision, despite objections from the Payson III land exchange owners.

The rezoning matter for Greyfox will go before the Town Council Thursday with recommendations from the commission to deny the request to zone the property from one home for every two acres to four homes per acre. The rezoning request also includes allowing the required open space area to be modified so that development could be contained within certain areas of the property.

Hillside rules proposed
The council will also hold a first reading and public hearing for an amendment to the Unified Development Code pertaining to hillside development.

The amendment would exempt lots, tracts, or parcels which were legally existing before the code went into effect. It also provides for exemptions for property with zoning designations that do not comply with the density provisions of the code.

Hillside regulations apply to all land with a slope of 15 percent or greater on more than half of the total area of the property.

On property with a 15-to-20 percent slope, 1.5 dwelling units per acre would be permitted. On a 20-to-25 percent slope, one unit per acre would be allowed. On a 25-to-30-percent slope, a single dwelling unit would require two acres. On a 30 percent or more slope, a single dwelling unit would be allowed on four acres.

Grading on properties that come under the hillside regulations would be limited to that which is needed for the building only. The proposed amendment eliminates grading for driving surfaces for ingress and egress.

The intent of the regulations is to provide slope stability, protection from fire hazard and to limit the amount of development on hillsides to preserve the natural beauty of Payson, according to town officials.

Library revisions
The council will also consider a request by Town Manager Rich Underkofler to authorize a revision of architectural services for the new library project.

On Dec. 10, 1998, the Town Council authorized Enyart Architects to proceed with plans for the new library at Rumsey Park.

The Library Project Policy Committee has held three meetings since that date and has requested a number of minor interior changes. The plan includes limiting the first phase of construction to 15,000 square feet with a $2 million budget.

The final draft of the programming plan document, which goes before the council Thursday, includes a revision of the space requirements for the proposed 1,900-square-foot multi-purpose room.

The committee has asked that the space be capable of partitioning into three separate rooms for a greater diversity of use.

The Town Council meets at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Council Chambers at Town Hall.

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