Duo Seeks To Bedeck Highways

Pair soliciting funds to hang patriotic banners


Each patriotic holiday, motorists along the Beeline and Highway 260 witness the hard-working crew from the Payson Flag Committee carefully hanging American flags from street light poles that line the highways in town.

Before each holiday, the dedicated crew has to secure permits from the Arizona Department of Transportation to fly the flags along the highways.

What if there were a way to fly the stars and stripes year-round?

That's the idea flag committee member Lee Pretsch and Town Council member Ray Schum have dreamed up.

"Wouldn't it be wonderful to drive down the Beeline and have red, white and blue pennants hanging from every pole?" the exuberant flag lady asked.

To that end, Pretsch and Schum will begin pounding the streets next week, hoping to raise funds for 80 pennants and have them installed by the July 4th weekend.

"It's going to look beautiful," Schum said.

Each pennant is 80 inches long and 30 inches wide. Cost of the pennants is $62 each, and the mounting brackets are an additional $69.

Since this is a town-sanctioned patriotic symbol, donors will be able to deduct the cost of the pennants and brackets.

For information about the pennants and how to donate, contact Pretsch at 474-2170 or Schum at Town Hall, 474-5242.

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