Hillary Should Stay Out Of Politics And Get A Job


When I first heard the pundits proclaiming that Hillary Clinton was planning to run for the Senate to replace retiring Senator Monahan of New York, I dismissed the thought. Who in their right mind would want to expose themselves to more of the past 18 months of what must have been pure hell for the Clinton family, especially their only child, Chelsea?

Perhaps the adults in the family can tough it out, but why put a young woman through this when she is just on the brink of going out into the world on her own -- and I mean on her own, because her parents don't seem to mind putting her in the position of either defending them or hiding out. It may take a village to raise a child, but it also takes parents who put their child's interest above their own ambitions.

This confirms my opinion of who Hillary really is, and what she wants. She is ruthless and she wants power. She spent many years kicking Bill's butt, as she once told a friend, to get him this far, and then he blew it.

She must be absolutely furious with him, and by gosh she is going to show him that she can go it on her own. As First Lady, she has had a taste of power, bitter as it has sometimes been, and now she wants more.

If the American people are tired of hearing of Whitewater, the Chinese thefts of our military secrets, the campaign funds from China, the Rose law firm files, the FBI files, Travelgate, women popping out of Bill's past, etc., etc., ad nauseam, why would they wish to bring all this up again in New York by electing another Clinton to the public trough?

To wax poetical and to borrow some of Shakespeare's biting descriptions from Alyce Hicks' thesaurus, let "this dastardly rascal" and the "brazen maiden" go quietly out into the sunset and get a job to earn a living like the rest of us do, instead of setting both of them up for retirement at the taxpayers' expense. Look, guys, enough already -- right?

Kay Loftfield,

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