Keep Students Safe: Slow Down Around School Zones


I am the crossing guard at Frontier Elementary School. I stand at the corner of Frontier and Mud Springs [roads] and walk the kids across the road when school gets out in an attempt to keep them safe.

I have been doing this for about a year for the benefit of the children. I am not compensated for my time other than knowing that I might prevent an unnecessary tragedy. I am very surprised at the number of people who do not seem to consider the safety of the children as they enter and leave the school, or travel through the intersection on the way to their homes or [jobs]. The 15 mph signs are clearly posted for all to see, and I feel that people do not see them or choose to ignore the school zone.

In my opinion, many parents are less concerned about the safety of other children once they have safely delivered their own. On many occasions, I have had people inch up on me while I have been trying to guide children safely across the intersection. This is both unsafe and very irritating.

When the construction [to widen the street near the school] was going on in the intersection, many drivers ignored our attempts to safely route them through the chaos and became irritated at people such as myself who unselfishly volunteered their time.

I hope that this letter will increase awareness when drivers are traveling through the Frontier Elementary School area. Please help keep our children safe.

Phil Hopkins

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