Who's Left To Hate Without Hillary?


Since everyone else is giving their opinions on Hillary Clinton's possible run for the New York Senate seat, I thought I would throw in my two cents' worth.

The consensus in Arizona seems to be that since she is not a New Yorker, she doesn't have any business representing the [state]. Of what value, then, are the opinions of Keven Willey, of the Arizona Republic and other busybodies living 3000 miles away among the saguaros?

Don't they realize that if Hillary runs, which is her business, and wins, which is New York's business, that all Clinton-haters will have six more years to continue their favorite pastime?

Just think, William Jefferson will be gone, but they will have Hillary Rodham to occupy their minds. Since politics in this country has sunk to a level somewhere between a snake's belly and Hades, there has to be somebody to hate. Who ya gonna hate if you don't have a Clinton to bash?

Hating Al Gore would be about as satisfying as hating a fence post. Maybe you could dislike him, but it would take a couple of years to work up a really good hate. Although Bill Bradley was once a professional basketball player, that's not enough of a reason to hate him from the get-go. After all, that was long before our current crop of over-paid whiners. And what if a Republican becomes president? Then the Democrats would have all the fun. It could happen, so be careful what you wish for.

Herb Bartholomew

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