Judge's Sentencing Of Haught Undermines System


The tragedy of the loss of Jim Cooper at the hands of Roy Haught did not end with Jim Cooper's death. It seems that Judge(?) Edd Dawson has compounded the tragedy with his ludicrous sentencing.

Little wonder that in the era of O.J. and President Clinton, another "local" well-known would receive a hand-slap for a crime that the rest of the citizenry would serve hard time for.

The "honorable" judge has simply driven one more nail into the coffin of the justice system that has been so eroded of late that few can find any faith in it at all.

It would be wise for the next person who is confronted by Mr. Haught in one of his inebriated assaults, and past history indicates that there probably will be another, to take whatever action is necessary to protect themselves and then hope they (victim) don't end up in front of Judge Dawson.

I'm sure in a case of pure self-defense, the judge would find reason in his own mind to throw the book. After all, Mr. Haught was such a member of high standing in the community.

Bemoan the passing of what used to be a "fair" system of justice in this country.

Ron Hamric

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