Scare Tactics Out Of Line On Dirt Road Issue


The Friday March 12 Roundup included a report on the March 11 Town Council meeting. There were some disturbing statements by some town officials cited in this report that needs to be addressed from a citizen's standpoint.

The mayor is quoted as saying that the Town Council created a monster in its vote to give some attention to the dirt road issue. It seems he is oblivious to the fact that the real monster was created many years ago and has been greatly fueled by the searing flames of neglect.

Then the town manager made a very traditional bureaucratic scare-tactic statement that the council decision would undermine police and fire department budgets. Hogwash! It is true that some of the other "capital wants" programs should be deferred in favor of more practical "citizen needs" programs.

Then the town attorney cites a 98-year-old law, that has been circumvented many times, to say it is illegal to give these roads the attention they deserve. As far as Graham Ranch Road goes, it seems extremely likely that the town has established a de-facto acceptance of the dedication.

The opinion that there can be no public road without the town's acceptance of said dedication has been disputed by at least two Arizona court decisions that ruled differently.

It is time to slay the monster of the past and stop creating new ones!

Jack Jasper

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