Sentence Not Fair To Cooper Family


Well, it's finally over, the Haught murder case. But can we really say it's over? It seems evident that Judge Dawson has just immensely irritated the situation.

Furthermore, many members of Payson, Pine and Strawberry are now in imminent danger. How could our justice system disregard the actions of a man who kills another man and let him go so unfairly punished for those actions? Roy Haught is solely responsible for the death of James Cooper. He killed my dad and stole his precious life from my family. For this he has to serve probation?

For all those who have misinterpreted the law, Roy George Haught was convicted by a jury of his peers of negligent homicide and aggravated assault. If he had been sentenced to time in prison, no matter how extreme that may seem to the Haught family, they would still have their husband and father, unlike us.

No matter what has happened to Roy thus far, they will never understand or have near comparison to the loss that we have been forced to suffer at the hands of Roy Haught. The least that Haught could do is offer a sincere apology to my family so that we may begin our closure to this violent incident which has put our lives on hold for 16 months now.

The disregard for my family's feelings has further pushed me into a state of shock. We have committed no crime and yet our family name has been slandered since the day this all began. I refuse to see my father's death go down as an enormous lie.

It is my understanding that a good, moral man admits he's wrong and suffers the repercussions of one's actions. Haught's family and friends are constantly professing that he is a good, loving and caring man. However, he has yet to do this.

Does our society truly believe that if indeed a couple of shoves or unpleasant words were exchanged, that allows one to take another's life? I believe that when Haught accepts responsibility and quits blaming my father, then his heart will be set free.

Vanessa L. Beckham

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