Sentencing Leaves A Sour Taste


The recent sentencing of Roy Haught is yet another example of incompetence so prevalent in our courts today. Judge Edd Dawson ought to be kicked off the bench.

Was the victim's name or the charge of negligent homicide and aggravated assault (dangerous offenses) even mentioned that day? Because it sounded more like an awards banquet for Roy Haught. Did he get a plaque from the judge that listed all his good deeds? If so, did it also mention he was responsible for the death of a man? I hope so.

This decision by Judge Dawson smacks of the "good old boy" mentality. This was not a simple case of "boys will be boys" having a barroom brawl. The evidence presented at the trial showed that Jim Cooper was stalked by Haught, right to his front door.

And I don't care how intensive Haught's five-year probation is, it sure beats going to prison. He won't have to put up with prison food, 24-hour lockup, lack of freedom or privacy, to name a few. Even his jail time in Payson with work release is a joke.

I hope in the future this will be known as Payson's O.J. Simpson, because this was another example of getting away with murder.

Pat Harley

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