Teachers, Staff Deserve Pat On The Back


It is time we, as members of the Pine-Strawberry community, commend our teachers and staff at the Pine-Strawberry School for the job they are doing.

They have had loads of controversy and criticism piled upon them -- and yet through it all, our children are getting an excellent education. Talk about performance under pressure.

Stop for a moment and think -- why are they there? Is it for the fame, the glory and glamour being a teacher in a small town brings? Probably not.

Is it for all that money they take home each payday? I think not.

It must be for our kids. That's right -- they care about the kids they see day in and day out.

Step into an average classroom for one day and watch them work. It takes a special kind of person to do this job. I've been in classrooms, on field trips and worked with just about every teacher at the P-S School on one project or another. Because of that I support them and the job they are doing, 110 percent.

Our teachers and our staff are there because they care, and our students benefit immensely. Have you thanked a teacher lately?

Even if you have no children at home, you should care. These teachers are entrusted with educating our future business owners, truck drivers, politicians, actors, ranchers and reporters. They deserve our support.

We are all too quick to spout our criticisms and often forget to say "thank you" as often as we should. When you see them out and about, stop and say thanks, and pat them on the back. They deserve it.

Myndi Brogdon
Parent and P-S School Board member

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