Why Bother With A View Of The Lake?


Since moving to Whispering Pines better than a year ago, I haven't had occasion to stroll around Green Valley Lake until recently. The first thing I noticed when I pulled into the parking lot was that there wasn't a lake there at all any more, only the front of a long building. Imagine my relief when I peeked around the corner and discovered that the lake was, indeed, still there.

But as I strolled around I began to think, why not move all the town buildings to the lake? There's a lot of space there -- it takes a full 11 minutes to walk around it. And why not the state and Forest Service buildings too? What the heck -- why leave out commercial operations? A dozen nice restaurants overlooking the lake?

When the shoreline gets full, we can start filling it in. As it is now, people out there have to drive a mile or so to rent a video or gas up. Think of the time they'd save!

The committee that decided to place the building on the edge of the lake might just have started something.

Merritt Guy Pittman

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