Haught-Cooper Incident An Important Lesson For Us


This letter is in regards to the latest outcome of Roy Haught and his trial and sentencing.

Now just for the record I do not know Roy Haught or any of his family members. I don't know any of the Randalls that were involved nor did I know Jim Cooper or any of his family members. I am in every way a neutral bystander just trying to make a point.

"And Justice for All": Isn't that what our pledge to this country says? Well I really need it explained to me where the justice is in all this tragedy. Please correct me if I am wrong, but was Roy Haught found guilty or not?

I thought that the reason for our judicial system was to determine if a crime has been committed and the proper sentence imposed on that crime if convicted. How are we as parents supposed to raise our children in a community where this does not take place? Where a biased court can overrule a jury conviction to lessen a prison term?

How do we raise our children to respect the law if the law is not enforced, or a court system does not take the proper responsibility in its authority? How do we explain what an "outstanding" citizen is when the role model has just been convicted of the "dangerous offenses" of aggravated assault and negligent homicide? Where are our moral standards?

To me an outstanding citizen would've been at home with his wife and children where he belonged, and not out drinking with his two buddies and two single women going to a remote cabin. I say again, where are our morals?

And what about the other parties that were involved - they were there, they did nothing to stop this insensible crime, and still were not charged with anything. I really must be dumb because I need someone to explain all of this senselessness to me. As a community we need to stand together and let it be known that this is not right.

I really believe that the state of Arizona needs to take a good look at this tragedy and do what is right. If they commit a crime let them do the time. Let us be the role models that we should be and give our children and ourselves a community to be proud of.

For all those involved, my prayers go out to you. This should be a very good lesson for all of us.

Corinne Leslie

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