Kevorkian Should Not Be Punished For Ending Suffering


Why should anyone be forced to die a painful death when he/she could have the option of going on to the next life peacefully?

"Teach me to feel another's woe," to quote Pope.

Having had the experience of caring for patients dying of various painful illnesses, it is difficult for me to understand how anyone can find fault with Dr. Kevorkian, or any other doctor, or nurse, or family member, or friend, or whoever, for assisting a patient on the path to the next life.

I am unable to believe that God's purpose for us in this life on earth is to suffer. What can be accomplished by forcing, or allowing, a person to spend endless time in pain?

Dr. Kevorkian is sacrificing himself in order to give others a reasonably pain-controlled death. Rather than being condemned, I think he should be commended for his courage in taking a stand for what he believes to be humane.

I also believe his stand is humane.
To quote Shakespeare: "The quality of mercy is not strained; it droppeth, as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath; it is twice blessed; it blesseth him that gives and him that takes."

Martha Searle, R.N.

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