Kids Need Schooling In Proper Use Of Guns


I read your editorial regarding the tragedy at Littleton, Colo. Although I am in agreement with you on the necessity of making sure that personally owned firearms do not end up in the hands of an irresponsible child, I would offer this for thought:

I was raised around firearms and was taught early on about the dangers and consequences of their misuse. The key here is, I was taught. That is the approach that seems to be lacking with today's kids relative to firearms.

Many residents and your readers were raised with and still possess firearms in a responsible manner. The NRA has an excellent program, "Eddie Eagle," that is directed toward the safe and proper relationship between kids and firearms. I often wonder how many of these Littleton types of tragedies could have been prevented by making the "Eddie Eagle" instructional program mandatory in our schools, just as is driver's education.

It is a dangerous world and there are dangerous devices available to us every day, but we must make sure our kids are taught the responsibilities and subsequent consequences that result if they are misused.

We must focus on imparting knowledge and understanding to the individual, not the object/ device.

Ron Hamric

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