Illegal Immigrants, Drugs Keep People From Rebelling


While it is the clean-cut obligation of the federal government to protect our nation's borders from the illegal incursion of immigrants and drugs, it is naive to think that the ruling class will act to effectively plug the flow of either.

The reasons why effective action will never be taken are quite simple. If Mexico's surplus labor force is bottled up with no access to jobs in the United States, an important escape valve will be closed and social unrest (fueled by hunger) will mount. Rebellion in Mexico will become inevitable.

Tangentially, it has not been lost on our politicians that the last major riot in Los Angeles involved Hispanics in about the same proportion as it did the African-Americans angered by the acquittal of the police who beat Rodney King. Ergo, if wide-spread revolt breaks out in Mexico, it is our government's logical assumption that rebellion will erupt in many of America's major cities as well.

The chaos that will ensue is too ugly to contemplate, particularly if the United States should feel compelled to intervene militarily in Mexico.

Similarly, the flow of drugs from Mexico into the United States will never be effectively interdicted because to do so would result in a decline of Mexico's GDP on the order of 5 percent. That's correct -- economists have calculated that 5 percent of Mexico's cash flow is drug money.

The drug business has become an important constituent part of Mexico's economy, and a 5 percent loss of national income is enough to throw their already-fragile economy into severe depression. The end result will be the same as cities above, i.e., uprisings that will spread into the United States.

Neither Mexico's government nor ours will tolerate this, and the suppression of rebellion in both countries will result in a bloodbath, a slaughter of hungry and angry people.

America's overly-anxious willingness to supply Mexico with helicopters and weaponry to fight the phony "war on drugs" is a deliberate fraud. The real motive for sharing our arsenal with Mexico is to ensure, as much as possible, that their military will be equipped to put down the insurrection that Mexico's oligarchic politics-of-greed will inevitably cause.

The people of Cochise County are victims of a duplicitous policy that derives from an immoral understanding between Bill Clinton and Mexico's Ennesto Zedillo, with cheerleading from the sidelines supplied by General Barry McCaffrey and his Mexican counterparts, who turn out to be in the secret employ of the drug cartels with dismaying regularity. Any politician who dares to say this is not the case is either a nitwit or a liar.

The reason why 100 million eligible voters boycott the polls is because mature adults no longer take seriously the hollow words of brain-dead politicians. The political elites are hopelessly wedded to a status quo which means, for the citizens of Cochise County, more drugs, more illegal immigrants traipsing across their land, with no relief in sight except the possible palliative of a few more Border Patrol agents.

I urge them to be calm and humane in their treatment of the Mexican refugees, for that is what they are, and they deserve at least the same level of consideration that we are presently extending to the refugees from Kosovo, a group with which we have nothing in common, except perhaps, the color of our skin.

If blood must flow, let it be on the hands of Clinton, Zedillo, McCaffrey, et al, not ours.

Ray Simpson

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