Internet Access Getting Faster In Payson


Rim country Web surfers frustrated by the lack of speed in today's equipment have a new avenue to reach the Internet.

Cable Vision of Payson announced this week the introduction of its new Internet service through the ISP Channel.

The ISP Channel is a complete Internet service package, said Ellen Kent, manager of Payson's Cable Vision. ISP offers the same conveniences as other service providers, such as Goodnet or Cybertrails, but at speeds not attainable with standard servers.

With the ISP Channel, customers can access the Internet at speeds up to 35 times faster than conventional dial-up access.

Customers of ISP have access to e-mail service, space for their own Web site, and a band-width that allows surfers to take advantage of interactive sites and on-line games.

Cable Vision has hooked up with Superior Technologies of Payson to bring this new access to local computer buffs. Kent said Superior will handle the installation of all the cable modems for the new customers.

"We beta tested the ISP Channel in April with about 15 customers," Kent said. "Now, we've got about 25 customers on the waiting list to be installed this week."

Dan Edwards, owner of Superior Technologies, said the benefits of the new cable access are obvious.

"If you are trying to research something or want to find something, you find out that a lot of your time is spent waiting," he said. "It could take you an hour to do a research project. Whereas, with this, it goes so much quicker."

Kent said at the Payson Business Showcase last month, the cable company passed out information on the ISP Channel. That day, 139 people expressed interest in the new service.

To access the Web over cable, computer buffs must have at least a 486 system, although Edwards said a Pentium processor is the preferred computer. It runs off Windows 95 or 98, uses Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers, and requires at least 16 megabytes of memory.

The cost of the new service is $29.95 a month, with a $10 modem rental fee, and, through the end of May, customers can save 50 percent off their installation charge. New customers will also get one month of free service, if they sign up by May 31.

To learn more about the ISP Channel, call Cable Vision at 474-1211. For a demonstration of the ISP Channel, call Superior Technologies at 472-9616 to schedule an appointment.

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