Look Within And Lighten The Darkness Of Violence


There is crying everywhere today -- not only in the wilderness, but in homes, in schools, in hospitals, in the government, in the church, and in our hearts.

Why are we crying? Because we have forgotten who we are and what we came here for. We have forgotten our children, forgotten our truths, forgotten our integrity and lost our way.

We are in the wilderness of not caring or knowing where our families and children are. We are lost in the world of me, me, me; we are lost in our ways of thinking. We are lost in wanting more than our friends and neighbors. We are lost in our hearts because we have left the path that God intended for us to follow. We are lost because we want material things more than we want a good clean life.

We are lost because we have used chemicals, "drugs and alcohol, tobacco and sex," with the thought that these things would bring us happiness. We have searched for and received the things that we thought would bring us peace. We are lost in the wilderness because we have looked in all the wrong places for our true happiness.

We forgot to look in the most important place there is, within.

Within us is all the answers to all our questions. Within us is our truth. Within us is all that we need to know and do.

We have been lost to this truth and have forgotten where to look. We have been caught up in the fantasy of movies, and of games that people play. We have allowed our children to watch programs and play games way beyond their comprehension.

We have allowed violence to enter our homes through the media and through games and books. We are responsible for what is going on in this world. It is not the people from other generations or our ancestors. It is time for us to assume the blame for our actions and our thoughts.

It is time for us to look inside, for inside is where our truth lies. Inside is where we must search for what we must do to bring this world back to balance.

When will the mothers and fathers wake up to the fact that we are all role models and what we do, "good or not good," affects our children's lives as it affects our lives?

There are heroes out there that do not do good. There are heroes out there that set a good example. Then there are the ones that don't give a damn. They sit on the fence and do not take sides and do not care what goes on in our world. These people are just as responsible as all the parents that do nothing.

Doing nothing is not taking a stand. Doing nothing is not facing our truth. Doing nothing is worse than trying and failing, for failure is a learning process and in this process we gain knowledge, and knowledge is power.

It is time now for us to think about doing good, for we must turn this world around and find our way out of this darkness. We must all pull together for the sake of our children and for their future.

It will not be easy, but no one ever promised us a rose garden. The Bible speaks of staying on the path to right even if it is difficult and that God will be with us all the way. The Bible also says that anything is possible with God. It is time now for us to reach out to God and find our way again, and in the finding of our way, we can lead our children out into the light and do what some think is impossible.

God bless you all in your endeavors to do good and to love and teach your children with truth and integrity.

Rev. Annelle' Henson

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