Some Payson Summer Classes Still Available


Although the deadline to sign up for summer school at Payson High School was March 31, students can still sign up for some classes.

German, Art and Weight Training classes are full, but all other classes are still accepting students who want to make up classes, take extra classes toward graduation or free up regular class periods to prevent conflicting classes next year.

"It's really in the student's best interest to take classes such as American History-World Cultures and General English in summer school," PHS Principal Phil Gille said, "rather than doubling up on those classes in the fall."

Students who have failed or are going to fail American History-World Cultures, General English, Introductory Algebra, Algebra I or Geometry are encouraged to repeat those classes in summer school, Gille said. It makes more sense to take those subjects in summer school rather than taking two social studies, English or math classes next fall. It also frees up their schedules for other classes next year, he said.

Tuition, which is charged to pay the cost of instruction, will be $75 for every half credit and $160 for driver education. Classes will begin as early as June 1.

Students may repeat a math class, but the grade for the repeated class must be equal to or higher than the first passing grade or no credit will be earned. The first passing grade will be changed to a "P" and elective credit status.

"This is important so students can continue to progress in math and raise their grade point average," PHS principal Phil Gille said. "Also, taking both semesters of World Cultures or American History will help students meet their academic competency requirements for four-year colleges and universities.

"Summer school also helps students fit in excellent voc-education classes like Advanced Animal Science, Office Technology, Money Management, Computer-Aided Drafting, Wood I, General Autos, Advanced Acting, Modern Chorus and Band," he said.

Students will be required to attend class daily. Students who want to attend summer school can sign up at the bookstore.

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