Keep The Rodeo Arena's Integrity Intact


It appears as though the prestige of our rodeo is going on the block for a quarter of a million dollars. I am sure that the ghosts of long-gone cowboys will be happy to know that what they put into making it a notable event, each year, is now only worth about the amount of prize money won annually.

Visitors will be impressed by the grandiose appearance of the entrance. They will get the feeling that they are in an arena owned by the casino. The money which it will cost the casino is sure to be written-off as advertising expenses.

I, for one, do not think that the imposing entryway will add too much to the quality of the contestants. They come here for the high level of the competition, and the worthwhile prize money.

As is the norm, the benefits of the whole package are being amplified by the politicians. That is enough to turn my stomach. We will manage without the fancy entrance, and have done pretty well without the big bucks. Keep the integrity intact! Do not be bought.

Joe Adcock

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