If You Can't Afford It, Don't Live Here


My observation will probably add a little controversy to the affordable housing question; nonetheless I shall present it.

I do not think that it is a function of the city or government at state or federal level to provide affordable housing. There are provisions for HUD housing which is a federal subsidized program, but it is not for young people.

Affordable housing is only available to those families that are able to earn an affordable income to support their needs. It is particularly difficult for young people in this area, as, other than sporadic construction work or persons with their own business, there are very few middle income opportunities.

The history of this country for years has been for people to migrate from the farms and small cities to the big city or the areas of the country where the jobs were, or cheap land was available. If I were in an area where I could not earn enough money to live, I would sure be looking for a place to go where I could earn enough money or the means to make enough money to meet my needs.

Basically that is what I did until I retired and came to Payson, which was all I could afford.

I really wanted to live in Aspen in the summertime and the south coast of France or Italy in the winter, or maybe Santa Barbara, but they did not have any affordable housing for me and the city and government would not provide it for me.

We have a paradox in this town in that the number of fast food outlets, gas stations, Wal-Mart, Mazatzal Casino, etc., have created a lot of low-paying jobs which do not provide a livable wage, but create a demand for people to fill positions, but they cannot afford housing. These types of jobs are more suited for retired people to supplement their income, or for teen-agers to earn car expense money or save for college. Families, and especially young people with their futures ahead of them need to face the reality that if they want to earn an affordable income it is very difficult in this area.

My suggestion would be for the people who cannot afford housing here, they should go someplace where they could learn some employable skills or a profession where they could afford housing.

Tom Crom Sr.

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