Board Needs To Heed Residents About Geese


At a regular meeting on Sept. 1, 1998, we learned that the Woodland Meadows Lot Owners Association board was planning to purchase the grape extract "Goose Chase" to spray on common areas.

We initiated a petition immediately, went door to door, and got 215 signatures opposing this action. This petition was delivered to the board at the next meeting by 30 or more concerned lot owners. Now, the board has chosen to ignore the stated wishes of 215 Woodland Meadows residents, and has purchased the "Goose Chase," and began spraying on May 10.

We also had a volunteer group of men and women who worked many hours keeping up our common area. They worked together installing and repairing sprinkler lines, planting grass, painting, and attending to general maintenance. All of our volunteers opposed spraying "Goose Chase" on the grass. Frustration with this board's intransigence has caused them to abandon their volunteer efforts.

Most of the people who live in Woodland Meadows are elderly, work, or have other reasons for not attending the meetings. We reached out to these residents with a petition. Their response was overwhelming, and clearly in favor of not harming our wildlife, or disrupting their living/breeding habitat.

Our lake is a refuge for wounded birds. Many have broken wings, and are lame. One has a hole in the foot, and probably could not survive without our lake. Geese cannot speak for themselves. Someone has to speak for them.

We would like anyone who reads this letter to call the president or board members, and make their feelings known: Bob Closs, president; Jim Heath, vice president; Joann Wood, treasurer; Anne Murray, Secretary; D'Ann Holtsnider; Mike McGillycuddy; Bud Pruiksma; Marie Schroeter and Diana Lowe.

Jim Duran, E.L. Hubbard, Syd Gee, Ray Lambert, Doug Morton, H. Heckathorn, Jerry Laird, Harry Miller, Dale Beecroft, Sam Brewer

Woodland Meadows residents

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