Clinton Should Fess Up For His Role In Moral Decay


As our Oxymoron-in-chief visits Colorado this week, the lessons of Littleton could best be underscored by President Clinton's resignation, rather than anything else he could say or do.

Think about it:
"My fellow citizens, finally I understand what you have been trying to tell me. As leader of the free world, I am accountable for this country's problem of ubiquitous moral decay.

My character is not flawed; I have none. I have failed to lead you honorably. I have no integrity and am convinced by this horrible event in Littleton that my consistent corrupt behavior has contributed majorly to the decisions made by two young people to commit murder.

"I am resigning in hope that this act on my part will jar our corporate conscientiousness and encourage the most personal, genuine examination by each of you of your values and commitments to restore them.

"Let us pray that God has patience remaining to deal with us not according to what we deserve, but according to what we want for this again to be the finest nation on earth."

Think about it. Clinton would become a martyr. Can't you hear and read: "Oh, Mr. President, you don't need to go that far."

Gore would be in. The liberals would have a field day.

As I think about it, maybe this one last Clintonesque maneuver isn't such a good idea. While a fool, he is not without intellect. So he knows he's the cause of our country's abandonment of values. Perhaps he is supposed to live out his term with that and we will get what we deserve after all.

R.A. Reese

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