Pmga Golfers Find Three Clubs Can Do The Trick


John Calderwood was scratching his head trying to figure out what the Payson Men's Golf Association tournament director was thinking when he called for a "three clubs" tournament played May 14 on the Payson Golf course.

The format, he said, meant players had to be more than "a little innovative when allowed to carry only three out of a possible 14 clubs."

Prior to teeing off in the low net by flights fray, each of the association members had to decide on the trio of clubs they would be using and the choices stretched through the range of the golf bag.

Choosing a 3 wood, pitching wedge and putter, Dick Strunk carded a 64 and won top honors in flight A.

Trailing the champ in the scoring were Don Back (66; 3 wood, 5 iron and 8 iron), Jack Inman (67; 3 wood, 8 iron and putter) and Dick Harding (67; 3 wood, 7 iron and putter).

In flight B, Calderwood's selection of a 5 wood, 9 iron and putter was unlike any of the other top finisher's choices. In winning, he finished with a 65, four strokes ahead of runnerup Dean Bulkey (69; 3 wood, 11 wood and putter).

Rob Roy took third place honors with a 72, using a 3 wood, 6 iron and putter.

Bob Rable's (72) choices of a 3 wood, 7 iron and putter helped him finish fourth.

In the closest to the pin competition, John Peel swatted to within 3 feet 10 inches on hole five and pocketed prize money there.

On hole eight, Jim Jones was victorious with an effort that left him only 10 feet, 2 inches away. Keith Boxberger finished 12 feet away on hole 14 and won top honors.

Frank Szakal was the final winner, hitting to within 14 feet, 4 inches of the flag on hole 14.

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