Recycling Operator Didn't Give It A Chance


Less than a year ago I was thrilled to hear we at long last would have a place to haul our recyclable items such as newspaper, cardboard, tin cans, copper wire, etc, etc, etc. Community Recycling seemed like an answer to the longtime wishes of many environmentally conscious residents of Payson and surrounding communities.

It wasn't long, however, that a crack began to appear in the veneer of this long-awaited service. The owner complained regularly that not enough of us availed ourselves of his service, and I personally encountered a $10 charge when I took a solid steel water tank to him for disposal.

Anyone who has done his homework before opening his small business would understand that he probably would not be operating at a profit before three to five years. He also would come to understand that marketing is the key to creating a market niche for a business.

Marketing includes consumer education, customer convenience, and creating a favorable relationship or customer loyalty with one's clientele. Inconvenient hours of operation, lack of advertising of the service available, and confusion as to what one could deposit for free, what one could be paid for, and what would cost the depositor to leave, all contributed to the lack of success of this business.

I believe that all thinking persons would prefer to recycle whatever materials they are able to rather than have the landfills overloaded with reusable items. I am angry to think that someone would dangle the recycle carrot in front of us and then jerk it away before the community really has time to learn how to avail themselves of this service.

Perhaps something as noble as saving the planet should not be in the hands of private enterprise at all. Shouldn't the county, which manages the landfills, take the recycle ball and run with it? Surely the cost of acquiring new land as current landfills are filled up could be offset by separating and selling off reusable trash.

And while I'm on the subject, why does not the Town of Payson or Gila County have a chipper-shredder set up someplace where residents can bring brush and tree trimmings and haul away mulch?

Barbara A. Bourscheidt

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