Our Youngsters Are A Fine Generation


During the last two weeks my wife and I received about 10 graduation announcements from friends and family.

These are exciting, and to some extent scary times, for young people. My generation has given our kids some pretty ugly things to deal with. I am not very proud of the world we have left them. They will face many trials and tribulations like all generations, many of which have been caused by the selfishness of their parents.

I have strong and abiding faith that this generation of young men and young women will rise above the influences of evil that we have left them, and they will become strong in their convictions. I believe that they will be the best generation that this country has ever seen. Here are some of my observations:

  • Many of our youth are involved in activities that help to strengthen them spiritually. This may be attending a church or a fellowship program.
  • Our young people are very bright and well-educated. They see and understand more than we give them credit for.
  • Our youth are physically stronger than we were.
  • They care for one another. In a conversation that I had with a young man a few years ago, I counseled him to stay away from a friend who was in trouble. He said to me, "We have been friends for many years. What kind of friend would I be if I left him when he needed me the most?" I was taught on this day about the principle of loyalty.
  • I have seen a young woman, without receiving reward or recognition, help clean an elderly lady's house.
  • I have seen them take a stance on issues that are not popular with members of their own peer group.
  • Many of our youth have rejected the evil and ugly things that we have brought into their lives.
  • Young men and young women understand the value of making right choices.
  • Families understand the need to spend time together.

No question about it, the world can be a dangerous and frightening place. Our children will do very well. They have a great hope within them. We must provide them encouragement, support, patience, kindness, and most importantly, our time. We can only teach correct life-sustaining principles by being there with them, which requires time.

Gordon Gartner

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