Geese Issue Needs Clear Thinking, Not Passion


It is sometimes comical and more often frustrating to watch a quiet neighborhood get into simplistic arguments over "deterring geese" versus "cost of grass seed" after so many years of ongoing establishment of what we homeowners call our "resident geese."

The "costs" of grass seed does not "fly" either, because every year our association has the need to hire professional gardeners to mow, water, mulch and maintain our common area, because the grass keeps growing and needs to be cut.

Perhaps the simple solution is to "ban" all wildlife, let the grass die, drain the water out of the pond, fill it up with sand, and do not bother anyone about anything -- except the color scheme of a new paint job -- and charge dues.

This year the problem is how to drive the resident geese away from the grass seed with "grape spray," and we stop the "welfare system," starve them out and No One Feed the Geese! The difficulty with this edict is that geese and ducks feed on grass! They are chiefly "grazers," not seed-eaters, and their natural habitat is around water. The solution to this problem has not been well thought out, and needs to be calmly assessed. Once you hit the "passion button," rationale goes out the window.

Over the years board members come and go, and each board decides where to spend our dues for our best interest. Issues develop by and between factions, and us, the "Silent Majority," stay out of it and don't make waves. All we want is the right to have "quiet enjoyment" without any worries or problems. We are tired and retired!

Everyone is a volunteer. Does anyone know what effects this "grape spray" may have on us humans?

Doris Grutzmacher
Homeowner and one of the silent majority

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