Keep Your Music To Yourself


Regarding the Street Talk in the Roundup's April 27 issue -- a response to Cory McRae:

Saw your answer, Cory, to the question, "... is a noise ordinance needed to quiet overly loud music..." Credit to you, Cory, for even answering the question and allowing your name to be printed. I agree with you, in part. You should have the "... right to listen to our music as loud as we want".

By the way, how do you like my music? What do you mean, "How do I know what music he plays?" I drove right past your car the other day. You weren't listening to anything just then, but I was playing some Strauss waltzes. Didn't you hear them? "Ugh!" Not your choice of music at all, is it?

Now you've got the idea! I won't force you to listen to my type of music, if you won't force yours upon me.

So when you want to listen to your music "... as loud as we want," you must use the ingenuity of your youth to figure out how to do so without anyone else hearing (e.g. headsets at home). If you'll do that for me, then we don't have to get government involved with city ordinances.

Tit for tat, Cory. I'll treat you, your girlfriend, your pals, and your family as I would want you to treat me. Fair deal?

A fellow music lover,
Hank Marquardt

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