Park Getting Too Many Geese


There seems to be a lot of controversy regarding the geese in Payson West, so here's some input about Green Valley park. In the last few years there has been a marked increase in the number of waterfowl here and droppings not only have covered the grass, but the sidewalk as well.

Now, I love to see the geese as much as anyone, but their numbers may be creating a health hazard to humans. I no longer walk on the grass because of the dried droppings.

I see children rolling down the hills and babies crawling on that grass and cringe because I know they are breathing in that dropping dust.

I spoke to a wheelchair-bound gentleman who must wear gloves as he propels his wheelchair around the lake so his hands don't get full of droppings. We have a beautiful park, but is it for the benefit of the geese or the people?

Lucille Pieri

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