Publisher Right About Prayer In Schools


This morning I read "My View" on the editorial page of the Friday, May 21 edition of the Payson Roundup. As I read it, I could feel a chill running down my back. I could feel the thrill of anticipation as Larry Potvin was given the credit due him for his worthy undertakings. What next?

Roy Sandoval received the appropriate kudos for his courageous journey across the line. Could there be more brave souls not afraid to venture into the demoralized abyss our society has been creating for itself during the last three decades?

Well, the item ended without mentioning anyone else by name. But, there is someone. Someone who has shown at least as much courage as the prior mentioned educators. That someone is the publisher himself, Richard Haddad.

Thank you, Richard, for stepping up and taking sides. Thank you for being in favor of common sense. Thank you for defending our country's heritage that was founded on our belief in God.

And remember, when the slings and arrows commence, you will have an overwhelming number of the good people of Payson behind you. Thank you for being our publisher.

Buck Horn

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