Roundup Right About 'Good Seeds' At High School


I wish to highly commend the Roundup staff for the editorial published on May 18.

In your editorial, you gave recognition not only to the Payson High School athletes that comprised the teams that won the state championships (wrestling, football, baseball and girls' track and field), but you also included the people that gave invaluable assistance to these student-athletes mainly, the teachers, parents, the coach volunteers and the respective coaches.

But what impressed me was the fact that not only were our young boys and girls accorded their due recognition in the sports section of the Roundup, but in addition, your editorial, in my opinion, came at a very timely period, because of some of the unfavorable situations that have taken place at other schools around our country.

You pointed out that while some teen-agers around our country are committing unlawful acts at their schools, the successes achieved by our Payson High School student-athletes reminds us that there are plenty of "good seeds" in our schools and that these good seeds need continued nurturing with constant care and attention.

In your editorial, you also thanked all of the above-mentioned people that contributed to the successes of our student -athletes and also stated that our student-athletes' victories reflect well on the rest of the community.

Well, at least to me, the very meaningful editorial in the Roundup also casts a mighty bright reflection on the community.

As a native of Gila County, born in Miami, many, many, moons ago, and a World War II veteran and a property owner here in Payson since 1982 --(though I have only lived here five years), I wish to say here that I have never read a more meaningful article printed in a town, city or state newspaper, and given the prominent editorial section.

In my opinion, this reflects the Roundup's care and interest of our kids, plus the dedication to support and help to promote toward the betterment of our schools and our community as a whole.

Thanks to you, the Roundup, for your continued contribution towards this community endeavor.

Frank M. Gutierrez
Grandparent of a Payson High School student-athlete

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