Stories for November 1999


Monday, November 29

Teen turns to talk show to help friend

Be careful what you wish for. Your hugely disappointed reaction when you don't get it may be broadcast on national television.

Shelby alumni help bolster Longhorn freshman squad

Longhorn boys' freshman basketball coach Matt Janish might want to pen a thank-you note to former Shelby School coach Steve Rensch.

Lady Horns win season opener against Chino Valley

Lady Longhorn basketball coach Jerry Daniels heads to Laughlin Dec. 2 for the River Valley Invitational Tournament with a better grasp on what the 1999-2000 edition of his team is capable of accomplishing.

Boys' hoops travel to Fountain Hills

It'll be a case of deja vu all over again when the Longhorn boys' basketball team travels to the Fountain Hills Falcons at 7:30 p.m. this evening, Nov. 30. (The game was originally scheduled to be contested in the Rim country, but was switched to a road game at the last minute.)

Longhorn wrestling:

Rebuilding or reloading?

With nine state crowns, four state runner-up finishes and 21 division titles to its credit, the Payson High School wrestling program is one of the most acclaimed in the United States.

Tax program a great way to help schools

Between now and Dec. 31, Rim country residents have an opportunity to give up to $200 each to our local schools without it costing them a dime.

Medicare offers help for Premier customers

All current Medicare beneficiaries enrolled with the nearly-defunct Premier Health Plan of Arizona are guaranteed continued health care coverage under the federal Medicare program, the Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday.

High school drama plays well at state

Payson High School's advanced drama class attended the annual Arizona State Thespian Conference in Tucson this month to participate in workshops, one-act plays, main-stage productions, assemblies and lectures.

Airport opponents should stick to the facts

"Don't confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up."

Historic community ties set Kaibab project apart

Regarding the editorial dialogue between Dan Adams, Sharesse Von Strauss and Dick Wolfe on whether or not the town should be financially involved in Kaibab's development project, I would like to make a point that has not been addressed.

Example set by political leaders isn't worth following

The following points are excerpted from the book "The Death of Outrage" and identify the lesson we're being taught by the current U.S. government. It's not a pretty picture.

Fossil Creek's revival comes at a cost of history

May I serve as the devil's advocate and comment at some length about the great victory achieved by the environmental cognoscenti, namely the Center for Biological Diversity, the Northern Arizona Audubon Society, the Sierra Club and the American Rivers and the Nature Conservancy.

Surviving the big snow

Survivor of '67 snow expects Y2K to be cake

We're trapped. There's no place to run, no place to hide. We can only march boldly forward into Y2K. But that shouldn't be much of a problem in Payson, where pioneers left such civilized places as New York and the Midwest to make their homes in the forest.

Credit For Kids program gaining steam

Credit For Kids got off to a slow start in Payson, but officials say the program is gaining steam with tax credits beginning to roll in.

Local screenwriter takes on Hollywood

Screenwriter Sue Dolan said she could easily paper a couple of walls in her Rim country home with the rejection slips she's received over the years.

Officer helps court rake in the bucks

The signs that hang on his wall serve as constant reminders that his mission is an important one.

Thursday, November 25


Club memorializes longtime Strawberry resident

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and your family enjoyed the day and its traditions. I also hope that you gave thanks for the many blessings in your lives.

Unlikely duo ropes in a win

At first glimpse, the two might resemble an odd couple on the team-roping circuit, but no one is going to poke fun.

Buchanan unfairly maligned for 'lofty goals for America'

For almost a solid month now Pat Buchanan, the only presidential candidate ever to visit Payson, has taken verbal abuse and been berated, lied about and had his position for America distorted by the major media, Internationalists and war-makers.

Council's priorities are out of whack

Regarding the Wolfe/Von Strauss commentary (in the Nov. 9 issue of the Roundup).

Accident bystanders performed admirably

Unfortunately, while taking my daughter back to Phoenix yesterday, we came upon a serious one-person motorcycle accident.

Stingy rest room policy chases away customer

Hailing from Los Angeles, I have been largely impressed with the people who live in this lovely Rim country. Most especially, the warm, professional entrepreneurs with whom I have had the pleasure of doing business.

Working for customers good for business

Afew years ago, I sat in a town council meeting and listened to a local business owner complain that he was going out of business because area consumers didn't support him.

High schoolers dominate Turkey Trot

A pair of Payson High School athletes, fresh from the 1999 prep cross country championships, set the winning pace at the town-sponsored Turkey Trot 5k run Saturday.

Young archer bags his first elk

Building arrows during after-school hours at his father's Pine Country Outfitters business, 12-year-old Bryan Darnell was able to save enough money to buy a $63 elk tag once game officials notified the youngster he'd been drawn.

Grays break even at Mesa tournament

The Payson Grays played break-even (2-2) softball at the Make-A-Wish Senior Slow-Pitch Softball Tournament contested last weekend at Mesa's Crescent Run Park.

Registration over, play begins

Registration wrapped up for the town parks and recreation-sponsored fifth- and sixth-grade basketball leagues. Teams are being selected and play is scheduled to begin in January.

Phone company leaves customers feeling cut off

It has been called a comedy of errors, but there's nary a U.S. West customer in Payson who's laughing including Roxie Sturgis, who says her life has been "completely messed up" by an ongoing U.S. West drop box brouhaha.

Golf course buy lands in rough

The Town of Payson's shot at buying Payson Golf Course didn't play out.

Charities offer holiday help

Local charity organizers are gearing up for their busiest time of the year and they're hoping community residents will pitch in to make this a happy holiday season for the less fortunate in the community.

Award-winning band major leads band to state success

Seventy-six trombones may lead the big parade, but Payson High School junior Mark Hansen leads the band.

State brings tribal gaming talks to Payson

Folks who frequently shake hands with the one-armed bandits at the Mazatzal Casino can have a say Tuesday about the way the state renegotiates its tribal gaming compacts in the coming months.

'I'm just thankful nobody else got hurt'

Wounded officer eager to return to uniform

The pain in Allen Dyer's stomach serves as a constant reminder of the day the Payson Police officer was shot in front of Payson's Wal-Mart. But as he recuperates at his home in Glendale, he yearns to return to the Rim country and police work.

Monday, November 22

Drill proves emergency crews ready for disaster

By Friday afternoon, the fire was under control, the ammonia leak contained, the wounded were treated and the dead were transported to the hospital.

Street project meets definition of a government subsidy

Regarding your guest commentary in (the Nov. 9 issue of the) Payson Roundup, I don't want to get in a letter-writing contest with you, as I am sure we all have better things to do. However, I am stung by your accusation that "the information presented by Mr. Adams is not based on fact."

Pilots shouldn't be allowed to dictate airport operations

Kudos to Hilda Crawford for having the audacity to be a non-pilot citizen/resident member of that good ol' boy club, the Payson Airport Board.

Switch on your support for local law officers

Remember your blue light this holiday season and encourage others to participate in Project Blue Light.

Locals compete in Best Dam Bike Ride

A 160-mile benefit bike ride through barren deserts of southwestern Arizona turned into a challenging two-day adventure for six Payson cyclists.

PHS court campaign tips off Tuesday

Following three weeks of arduous conditioning practices, Payson High School basketball players will demonstrate their skills this week in regular season play.

Family tree voyage leads to Mayflower

Local woman traces ties to early colonists

It's 1621. Do you know where your relatives are?

Enviro groups fighting timber sale

A timber sale in the Black Canyon recreation area east of Payson has environmentalists including members of the Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity worried. They say the harvest of up to 30 million board-feet of timber near Baca Meadow will harm old-growth pine forests that are vital to the threatened northern goshawk.

Teen killed in Mesa del

A shotgun blast shattered the quiet, predawn hours in Mesa del Caballo Saturday, ending the life of 19-year-old Steve C. Chavez.

Payson is full of reasons to be thankful

In Payson, I have found, you don't have to spend a lot of time looking for reasons to give thanks on the last Thursday of every November.

Holiday lighting celebrations begin this week

Forget those woefully premature decorations you started seeing in September. It is now officially the season to be jolly. And to celebrate the occasion, the area's most holiday-spirited merchants, organizations and civil servants are banding together to light up your life. Literally.

Town gateway to get makeover

Now that a plan to improve the southern entrance to Payson has been approved, town leaders plan to ask the state and federal governments for grants to remodel south Beeline Highway.

Councilman's heart still in race for mayor

Payson Town Councilmember Ray Schum, who underwent open heart surgery in Phoenix last week, said he's feeling strong enough to continue his campaign for mayor.

Parents raise funds for middle school athletics

Years ago, school district athletic coffers sported enough funds to purchase burgers, fries and drinks for team members following away games. On occasions, the district could pay for motel rooms during multi-day tournament stays in far away towns.

Thursday, November 18

Longhorns gear up for winter sports

The winter sports season opens on the campus of Payson High School with a new twist in the Class 3A prep mix the Longhorns are returning to the East division.

Premier HMO ordered into receivership

Eighty-seven-year-old Jane Miller of Mesa del Caballo is worried about her medical bills. Her HMO, Premier Healthcare of Arizona, was ordered into receivership Tuesday by a Maricopa County Superior Court judge, forcing Miller and 800 other Premier members in Northern Gila County to switch HMOs again.

Helmet laws unfair unless they apply to all motorists

I was catching up on my reading this morning, when I ran across your Oct.19 editorial concerning motorcycle helmet laws. I've ridden motorcycles on the streets and highways of this state, as well as competed in off-road trials, motocross and desert racing since 1964. I've always worn a helmet, whether racing or riding for pleasure, so I'm well aware of their benefits.

No one has more to lose than the pilots

I am not one to respond to (letters) written in the paper, but after reading the (letters) in the Nov. 12 paper, I feel I must.

Veterans Day celebration was an excellent event

Please allow us to expound in a general way on the veterans' program "Wings of Eagles" presented at the Payson High School auditorium on Nov. 11.

Help for Premier members

Don Harris, public information officer with the Arizona Department of Insurance, said his department is encouraging Premier enrollees to get other HMO coverage as soon as possible.

APS closing plants to revive Fossil Creek

The Childs-Irving Hydroelectric Plant west of Strawberry is due to become the first hydropower dam system in the state, and the second in the nation, to be forced from service.

Councilman feeling lucky to be alive

Recovering in Phoenix this week from five-way bypass surgery, Payson Councilmember Ray Schum said he counts himself lucky to be alive.

High school standards long overdue

This week, Payson's high school students and teachers got the kind of report card that most children would "accidentally" drop in the mud on the way home from school.

Attitude, work ethic should lead to winning year

Optimism is the name of the hoop game in the Lady Longhorn basketball camp, where preseason practices have been under way for the past three weeks.

Elks champ settles for state crown

As the Arizona State Champion of the Elks Youth Soccer shoot, seven-year-old Jaycee Boll earned the right to advance to the Western Regional Championships held Nov. 13 in St. George, Utah.

All-East team announcements expected soon

If you're wondering why there's been no announcement concerning the selection of the All-East division football team members, it's because coaches are keeping those choices under wraps.


Storytellers take stage in Pine Saturday

This Saturday, Pine will be the first small community in Arizona to host a Tellabration a celebration of storytellers that takes place every year around the world.

PHS students score low in math, reading

As in most schools throughout the state, nine out of 10 Payson High School sophomores who took the AIMS test last spring didn't meet the math standard. None of Payson High's 181 sophomores exceeded the standard and only 10 percent turned in scores that met the standard. Those scores closely mirror the state's averages.

Runners take six medals in Gilbert

Entering the 1999 Class 3A Arizona Championships Saturday at Freestone Park in Gilbert, Longhorn cross country teams had never featured more than a single medalist in any one state meet.

Monday, November 15

Grays win, then lose to Fountain Hills

The Payson Grays Senior Slowpitch softball team upped its record to 10-8, splitting a double-header with the Fountain Hills Kool Kats Nov. 10 in Phoenix.

Y2K Club: emergency training, with a little lunch

Visitors should know that the first rule of the Citizens Y2K Preparedness Group is: Do not show up at one of their weekly meetings with any preconceived notions.

Schools pull the plug on Pokn craze

Payson Elementary School Principal Roy Sandoval said the Pokn craze may be all the rage among students but it's not going to disrupt education at his school.

Telephone competition should be encouraged

As consumers, nothing makes us angrier than to pay full price for an inferior product or service. Yet that is exactly what is happening month after month to US West telephone customers in Arizona.

AIA opens new building in Phoenix

The Arizona Interscholastic Association the governing board of prep sports in our state will unveil its new facility Nov. 23 at a media luncheon.

Promise Keepers getting a bad rap

Some ministers who don't know beans about Promise Keepers are indoctrinating their flocks against Promise Keepers.

Glad to have Crawford working on our behalf

It is so good to know that there are people concerned for the safety of our town. I'm referring in particular to Hilda Crawford. She is on the Airport Board and cares for all the people in Payson.

There are good reasons to keep the flight pattern as is

Good reasons for keeping the flight pattern as it is, the safety of homes, pilots and aircraft.

Eighth-grade students say 'thanks' to local veterans

Veterans Day celebration turned a bit brighter for many of the local men and women who served in the armed forces thanks to the efforts of a local eighth-grade class.

Pine man battles life's 'challenges' one day at a time

The next time you find yourself feeling miserable because someone's taken your parking space, or your favorite TV show's been pre-empted, or you get a honey-dijon salad dressing stain on your brand new designer jogging shoes, do yourself a big favor.


Emergency drill scheduled for Friday

It's a disaster waiting to happen.

Payson gets new prefix

It's a numbers game, but Dave Duran, U.S. West area manager in charge of community affairs and public relations, said the community had just about run out of numbers before it was given a new prefix 468.

Groups need to mend rodeo fences

It's time for the Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee to rein in their, "This rodeo's not big enough for the both of us" attitudes.

East meets West at CAYFA all-star game

Youth league all-star football action comes to the Rim country Saturday when celestial squads from the East and West divisions of the Central Arizona Youth Football Association battle one another on the Payson High field.

Hardwood Horns begin rebuilding year on the court

Fewer characters and more character is one of the goals second-year Longhorn boys' basketball coach Randy Wilcox has set for his program.

Hunter has beginner's luck

Eleven-year-old Andrew Currie's mid-October big game outing produced results that would swell the chests of the most seasoned of hunters.

Telephone Pioneers book 'em

Youngsters star in book about their lives

Maggie Clayton and Carole White, members of the Zane Grey chapter of the Telephone Pioneers of America, carried boxes of books into two kindergarten classes at Julia Randall Elementary School earlier this month.

Thursday, November 11

Roundup welcomes new reporter

For the benefit of enquiring minds, the Roundup would like to offer some little-known information, facts and bits of tid about its newest staff writer, Mike Burkett.

Help in the home

Company helps patients get back on their feet

Juanita Jepson, staff manager for Lifemark at Home, said her Payson office now serves between 55 and 60 clients and employs 10 local caregivers.

Horns fall to favorite foes, the Fountain Hills Falcons

It took an old rival from the now-defunct Central Division to wisp away the Lady Longhorn volleyball team's aspirations of winning a state championship.

Payson soccer named 'All-Mountain Region' team

During the 1999 regular season soccer wars, a bevy of Longhorn players impressed opposing coaches enough to earn their votes for the "All-Mountain Region" team.

Payson Cardinals finish regular season undefeated

The Payson Minor Cardinals entry in the Central Arizona Youth Football Association steamrolled through the past season undefeated (8-0), only to lose heart-breaking 14-12 decision to the Prescott Bobcats in the association championships.

Veterans well honored during special tribute

More than 1,000 people showed up for "On Wings of Eagles: a Tribute to Our American Heroes" Thursday night at the Payson High School auditorium. Among those who took the time to honor our country's war veterans was U.S. Rep. J.D. Hayworth. The congressman presented the French Medal of Liberty to local World War II veteran, Karl Knotts. We appreciate the congressman's commitment to our community. We know he was in the Valley earlier in the day for three other events and was scheduled to leave Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix at 9 p.m. to fly back to Washington, D.C. He could have easily canceled under the stress of his other commitments but he remained true to his promise to our local veterans.

Good reasons abound for moving flight pattern

In reply to Mr. Farrington's letter in the Oct. 29 edition of the Roundup, I would like to make you and the public aware that I have spent many hours reading and researching current airport material.

Humane society a pleasant surprise

On Oct. 27, I placed a cat and two kittens with the Payson Humane Society. What I observed there so impressed me, I had to compliment them.

Speed bumps in alley long overdue

The Oct. 29 Roundup contained a question in the "What's up?" column regarding the new speed bumps in the alley behind the Swiss Village shops. The answer was very factual and precise. However, the question and answer did in no way convey the history behind the need for those speed bumps.

Airport growth poses greater risk to residents

My husband and I reside in Payson.


Storytellers to gather in the pines

The countdown begins just one week until Tellabration 1999: A Day of Storytelling.

Brain cancer changes life for young girl and family

There are a lot of hard parts. But the hardest, Tracy Allen will tell you, is that her 4-year-old daughter Ashley looks and acts so darned healthy.

Chamber, committee rodeo split deepens

The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee may have worked on their last rodeo as a team.

Local restaurateur finds fun in the fast lane

Thirteen-year-old Sam Sievert isn't old enough to drive yet, but when she is, she's determined to follow in her father's tire tracks.

Coach Weems' net squad shines in postseason honors

After leading the Lady Longhorns to East division runners-up and on into the quarterfinals of the state tournament, first-year volleyball coach Sue Weems has been busy doling out postseason honors.

Monday, November 8

Kizzar indicted on attempted murder charges

Lenny Kizzar was indicted Thursday on two counts of attempted murder in connection with the Oct. 30 shooting of Payson Police officer Allen Dyer.

Lady Horns net squad falls to Fountain Hills

A Lady Longhorn volleyball team might some year play its way out of the state tournament quarterfinals bracket, but it didn't happen this season.

Runners walk away from state meet in fourth place

In a prepractice chalk-talk only a few days before Saturday's state cross -country championships, Longhorn coach Chuck Hardt told his charges they would be definite underdogs at the Class 3A finals.

Fire burns lifetime of memories

House fire visible four blocks away

Four people escaped injury when their Mesa del Caballo home was destroyed by fire early Saturday morning. The family's 8-year-old Chihuahua, however, died from smoke inhalation.

Veteran honored with Medal of Liberty

Payson resident Karl Knotts was 26 years old when he enlisted in the U.S. Army.

Main Street plan leads to hospital addition

While town officials move ahead with plans to extend Main Street east beyond the Beeline Highway, administrators at Payson Regional Medical Center are deciding exactly where that road will lead.

Trial on hold for alleged child molester

The trial of a 28-year-old Mesa del Caballo man, accused of molesting young girls in his neighborhood, has been put on the back burner, while a new defense attorney brushes up on his client's case.

College nearing completion

Twenty Eastern Arizona College faculty members toured 10 nearly completed classrooms Monday at the school's new campus in east Payson.

Rider wearing helmet didn't see freight train

Thank you Dennis Kather for the letter regarding helmet laws. I'd like to share the experiences I've encountered wearing and not wearing a helmet.

Veterans and the flag deserve our respect

"What does our country mean to you? We know what it means to us freedom. Freedom to speak our minds, to live where we wish, to go where we want, to have a say in government through our right to vote, to be heard at town meetings and share our ideas about how our town should be run, to be a part of the town council if elected, to select our occupations, to own a business, to worship any faith we choose (or not worship at all).

Town still has places worth preserving

Rather than continuing to bemoan the loss of the natural aspects of the new Wal-Mart site, perhaps Payson residents should turn their attention to saving some of the prime natural areas that remain within the town limits.

Rodeo officials have much to gain by mending fences

I am writing in regard to the recent rift between the chamber of commerce and the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee.

Kaibab land purchase not a government subsidy

As representatives of the Green Valley Redevelopment Area (GVRA), we would be remiss if we did not respond to the letter to the editor by Dan Adams regarding the purchase of the property between Main Street and Aero by the Town of Payson.

E-vote could reinvigorate state elections

Easier isn't always better, but when it comes to voting in America, it might be.

Registration until Nov. 12 for youth hoop program

Youngsters who wish to participate in the Town-sponsored fifth- and sixth-grade basketball league have until Nov. 12 to register at the Parks and Recreation office located at Green Valley Park. The registration fee is $20 which includes a T-shirt, minimum of seven games and a pizza party at the end of the season. Those who register after the deadline will be placed on teams only if space permits.

Dream ends for Longhorn soccer

In the history of prep sports at Payson High School there have been many losses that have stung the emotions of players, coaches and fans.

Motorcyclists need training, not helmets

I would like to respond to the "Our View" that appeared in the Roundup on Tuesday, Oct. 19. It seems that the "paper's" view is that motorcyclists should be mandated, by law, to wear helmets. I find it odd that our local newspaper, or any newspaper for that matter, would endorse the loss of yet another freedom for citizens of the United States. Where do we, as a nation of people that pride ourselves on freedom, draw the line?

Globe Tigers gore Longhorns, 30-28

Much to the chagrin of Longhorn faithful, there will be no repeat state championship in 1999 for the Payson High School football team.

Thursday, November 4

Phone company angers residents

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Bill Mundell, who was appointed to the commission three months ago, is investigating rudeness at the corporate level.

Eagles, Cards advance to CAYFA finals

The Rim country will be represented by a pair of Eastern division championship teams when the Central Arizona Youth Football Association finals are played Nov. 6 in Camp Verde.

Horns run away with gold at state meet

Paced by the gold-medal efforts of sophomore LeighAnn Haynes, the Lady Longhorn cross country team ran its way to the Class 3A East Region championships Saturday in Whiteriver.

Boys' soccer advances to state semifinals

With stirring victories in opening and quarterfinal rounds of the state tournament, the Payson High School soccer team has earned its first-ever berth in the elite final four.

Chamber wins state award

The Rim Country Regional Chamber of Commerce won Arizona's Excellence in Rural Development Award this year for its annual Business Showcase event.

Upper cliff dwellings open

Open house at ruins features free admission Saturday

Tonto National Monument near Roosevelt Lake is hosting an open house this weekend to celebrate the seasonal opening of the upper cliff dwellings.

Hospice volunteers complete training

Five people have completed the 30-hour RTA Hospice Volunteer Education Course. This prepares them to serve RTA Hospice as volunteers. They are: Myra Johnson, Fonda Harnoski, Linda Willowbrook, Kathy Lucas and Faye Hoppenrath.

First candidate declares for council

Even though the town's primary election is still five months away, Payson resident Dick Wolfe announced this week that he plans to run for the Payson Town Council. "I want to get the message out early," Wolfe said Thursday. "Things fly around this town rather quickly, and I was being approached by a lot of people asking me if I was going to run or not. Maybe the timing's not perfect, but I also might be able to convince more people by announcing early."

A WWII memorial now - lest we forget

During World War II, 16 million men and women served in the armed forces of the United States. Of those, more than 400,000 died. Millions of other Americans worked diligently on the home front to support the war effort and bring us victory.

Cristopher Creek

Halloween hayride a howling success

The community's Halloween Trick-or-Treat Hayride was the best it has ever been. Nearly 40 little goblins showed up dressed in their best costumes and everyone had a ball. We had ghouls and dragons and the cutest little cow.


Free puppet show in Pine Saturday

Pinocchio and his puppet friends are coming to the Pine Community Center at 10:30 a.m. Saturday courtesy of the Isabelle Hunt Memorial Library.

'Social engineers' changing charm of community

It saddens me to see the same type of social-engineering policies mandatory seat belts, helmet laws, low-income housing, more growth that I have tried to get away from continually following hot on my footsteps.

Hooligans smash Hallowe'en tradition

Old tradition: Carving pumpkins for Hallowe'en. New tradition: Stealing those carved pumpkins. My wife enjoys carving jack-o'-lanterns at this time of the year to add to the neigborhood Hallowe'en spirit. On Hallowe'en night some "kids" in a V8 pickup truck (we could tell by the noisy engine that it was a V8) parked in front of our house with the engine running.

Tribute a time of recognition, remembrance, rededication

The public is invited to attend a gala Veterans Day celebration at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 11 at the Payson High School auditorium.

Wounded officer up and talking

Payson Police officer Allen Dyer, who was shot Saturday outside Wal-Mart, is sitting up, talking and improving, Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner said.

No takers for state trust land

A 13.5-acre parcel of land by the Payson Airport that was scheduled to be auctioned off Thursday at the Gila County Courthouse in Globe was taken off the auction block.

The Last Fire Season

Velasco directed battles against a thousand blazes on the Tonto

Pat Velasco concluded a 36-year career with the U.S. Forest Service this week and set off to create a new life of consulting, recreation and perhaps politics.

Wrestling Booster fajita fest this Friday

If you like fajitas really like fajitas you'll want to take advantage of the benefit dinner on Friday, from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. in the Wilson dome lobby.

Monday, November 1

Thank you for serving us well

When we arrived at the shooting scene of Officer Allen Dyer Saturday afternoon at Wal-Mart, we milled through the crowd while assessing the situation. A man armed with anger and a gun fired at least three shots into the chest and abdomen of one of Payson's finest.

Mayor announces plan to run for re-election

While serving the Town of Payson for nearly four years, Mayor Vern Stiffler announced Tuesday that he will seek a third term in office.

Armed suspect surrenders

Payson Police officer Allen Dyer, who was shot Saturday in the chest, stomach and back in front of a crowd of shoppers at Wal-Mart, is recuperating at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix this week.

Shooting suspect linked to Heber church bombing

Lenny Kizzar is no stranger to law enforcement officers.

Frosh football wraps up banner year

If the accomplishments of the Longhorn freshman team are a glimpse into the future, the Payson High football program is in for a great four-year ride.

Roundup announces costume winners

On a crisp fall night, under a starry sky at Rumsey Park, costumed children of all ages gathered for goodies 2,000 pounds of candy supplied by Payson's Parks and Recreation Department.

Stake out the area before you stake your tent

Deer season will open soon in many of the units around the Rim country and hunters will be scouring the countryside for their prey. Seasoned tag-holders realize some of the best White-Tail habitat in the state might be found in majestic Pine Creek Canyon northeast of Pine.

Net squad heads to state tournament in Phoenix

The Lady Longhorn volleyball team will advance to the Class 3A state tournament as the second seed from the East division and will play 4 p.m. Thursday at Centennial High School in Phoenix.

Computer crash slows operations at Sheriff's office

The ink wasn't dry on a contract for new software for the Gila County Sheriff's Department when the department's mainframe crashed in Globe, seizing the information within its fried circuits.

Former Payson teacher heading to Hawaii marathon

Former Rim Country Middle School teacher Carrie Mitchell has been a recreational long-distance runner for about nine years.

Longhorns land third in division standings

A 40-0 season ending loss to the Show Low Cougars Friday evening dropped the defending state champion Longhorn football team into third place in the final East Division standings.

Woodcutter discovers murder scene atop the Rim

Mother kills daughter, turns gun on herself

Pine resident Scott Behn, who was on his way to gather wood on the Rim Friday morning, found the bodies of 38-year-old Sharman Smith of Flagstaff and her 2-year-old daughter, Emily, three miles north of Strawberry.

Motorcycle riders should wear helmets by choice, not by law

This is a response to (the Roundup's) Our View, Oct. 19: "State should make riders use their heads; wear helmets."

Town has no business subsidizing business

It appears to me that the Town of Payson is primed to spend nearly $200,000 of its citizens' money in an unnecessary and unproductive purchase. I am referring, of course, to the $190,000 contemplated purchase of three acres from Kaibab Industries.