Motorcycle Riders Should Wear Helmets By Choice, Not By Law


by Don Johnson
This is a response to (the Roundup's) Our View, Oct. 19: "State should make riders use their heads; wear helmets."

Let me ask one question to the writer of this (editorial). Are you in insurance, a lawyer or a politician. That's because (those people) will bend the truth so that people will hear what they want to hear and not necessarily the truth.

Now let's get to the (editorial):

You say that laws are made to protect people and taxes.

When a law is passed to protect people, most of the time it means that your freedom of choice has been taken away from you. For example, seat-belt laws, gun laws and so on. Now don't take this the wrong way. I also think that seat belts will save lives, but it should be a freedom of choice, and not a law.

To protect taxes? The way I see it, they pass laws to make more taxes and not to protect taxes.

You say seat-belt laws reduce insurance premiums.

When was the last time you got a letter from the insurance company saying that your premiums have been lowered because you wear a seat belt or a helmet. Get real.

You say that the state doesn't have a helmet law.

For your information, it does. Anyone who is under 18 years old has to wear one. It's the law.

Anyone who is 18 years and older has the freedom of choice to wear one.

You say that the law overlooks the danger posed to the drivers of smaller, faster and harder-to-see vehicles.

Sounds to me that you want everybody to drive a big car and use gas. I don't want a law telling me to give up my Porsche or bike because you are not watching out for us.

You say that motorcycles run into other drivers.

Let me enlighten you. Ninety percent of bike accidents are caused by cars making left-hand turns. Maybe we should take their freedom of choice away and pass a law that says no left-hand turns.

You say we demand the services of our tax-funded emergency response units.

As far as I know, everybody is paying taxes to this and not just car drivers. Next time someone needs help, ask them if they deserve it.

The last paragraph said that non-helmet riders run the risk of costing all of us higher taxes and higher insurance premiums.

I think insurance is going up because of car theft, car accidents, false claims, false law suits, etc. Don't put all of the blame on bikes.

Higher taxes? I don't remember having to pay higher taxes because people are not wearing helmets.

My opinion is if you don't ride, then stay out of the picture. We all have the freedom of choice.

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