Town Has No Business Subsidizing Business


It appears to me that the Town of Payson is primed to spend nearly $200,000 of its citizens' money in an unnecessary and unproductive purchase. I am referring, of course, to the $190,000 contemplated purchase of three acres from Kaibab Industries.

It has been my impression that the commercial part of Payson has been growing faster than many of us would like with no financial help for the Town of Payson.

In fact, some of the growth in the commercial area has come in spite of determined efforts on the part of segments of the citizenry to derail it.

Now all of a sudden the town government appears to have decided that we don't have sufficient commercial growth, and has decided to underwrite additional growth.

I think it is time for the citizens to ask, "What don't we have enough of commercially in Payson? What am I willing to subsidize to get more of?"

Personally, the only thing that is likely to be included in the Kaibab addition that I would like to have access to is a movie theater.

It is my analysis, that someone else would already have built a movie complex in Payson if there weren't the threat that eventually Kaibab was going to do it, somehow. The point is that somebody else would have done it without asking for public subsidy. Furthermore, if it turns out that Kaibab can't do it without public subsidy, somebody else will still do it without public subsidy.

After all, we have gone over one and a half years without a movie theater in town, and have sort of gotten used to it. It won't hurt us to go a while longer.

The point is that an organization that can't even get off the mark without public subsidy is likely to require it again and again. American history is full of such examples. As far as I can see, the present business climate in Payson is such that any business that can't get started up now without public assistance is going to be an early casualty in the depressed timer that will come sooner or later, and will cost us more money then.

If the town fathers have $190,000 burning a hole in their pockets, we can all think of places we would prefer that it be spent. My personal choice is more water, but other people might prefer paving streets, repairing streets that are paved, the library, etc.

If this letter causes anyone to rethink their position on the subsidization of the Kaibab project, contact members of the Town Council.

Dan Adams


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