A Wwii Memorial Now - Lest We Forget


During World War II, 16 million men and women served in the armed forces of the United States. Of those, more than 400,000 died. Millions of other Americans worked diligently on the home front to support the war effort and bring us victory.

Now this valiant generation is at risk of fading into obscurity.

Many of our young people don't recognize our World War II heroes. They simply see an old woman walking slowly across a parking lot, or a bent, frail man working in the garden next door.

They do not understand the role these people played in one of the most defining events in history.

There has never been a national monument to honor our World War II veterans who sacrificed so much to protect our freedom and democracy. Now is the time to build that memorial.

The American Battle Monuments Commission is engaged in building a $100 million dollar WWII memorial monument in Washington D.C. at the east end of the reflecting pool, between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.

The monument will stand as a symbol of American national unity and a timeless reminder of the moral strength and power that can flow when free people are united together in a common and just cause. There will also be a "Registry of Remembrances," a permanent record on display in Washington to ensure that the names of patriotic Americans who served in WWII will be recorded in history for all time.

Volunteers in our community are working to help raise contributions for this cause. If you'd like to play a part in building a timeless reminder of courage, valor and the commitment of the WWII generation, call local coordinator Holly Sanders at (520) 472-6213 or send your tax-deductible contributions to: The World War II Memorial, P.O. Box 98147, Washington, D.C. 20090-8147.

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