Cristopher Creek

Halloween hayride a howling success


by Mikey Marzza
The community's Halloween Trick-or-Treat Hayride was the best it has ever been. Nearly 40 little goblins showed up dressed in their best costumes and everyone had a ball. We had ghouls and dragons and the cutest little cow.

Bailey Billings won first place in the boys division in his cow costume and Charity Thickey, who was adorable in her long satin dress and hat to match, won first place in the girls division.

The weather was downright beautiful that night. We couldn't have asked for a better night. The sky was gorgeous as the Halloween cart bumped along the winding roads in Christopher Creek.

The leaves were falling from the trees in every color imaginable. With spooky music being played over the loudspeaker on Captain Bob Lussons' fire truck, Chief Ray Larsen pulled the Halloween cart through the village with 37 screaming little ones. As we crossed the creek and the bottom of the cart scraped the cement, we all laughed out loud. What a fun night.

The grand finale was the haunted house, which the Boy Scouts of Christopher Creek created just for the trick-or-treaters. These talented young men, along with Scout master Howard Davis and some dedicated women, did a terrific job on the house. I want to thank them for the long hours they put into making this a howling success. The kids loved it. I loved it. I thought everyone did a terrific job, not to mention something nice for the little ones of the community.

I would like to thank everyone who helped with the celebration this year. It made my job a little easier. Thanks to Sally Tharp for helping me with all the preparations for the event. Thanks to the homeowners who stayed home and passed out candy, and to those of you who decorated your homes for the children. First place went to Milnarik and Cody, second to the Grootegoods, third to the Geislers, fourth to the Watsons and fifth to the Wilsons. Thanks to Scotty and Peggy for judging the children's costumes. That's not an easy job. Thanks to Gary Anderson for staying and cleaning up after the barbecue.

Thanks to Creekside, the Landmark and Tall Pines Market for donating prizes for the house contest.

Now to move on to the next holiday, Thanksgiving. Stan and Marlys at the Landmark will be doing Thanksgiving as they have in the past for the community. They will supply the turkeys and those who come need to bring along a side dish. Call 478-4472 for more information. On Saturday, Nov 13, the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association will be decorating the highway for the holidays. We will meet at the fire hall at 8 a.m. and we will form groups and assign trees. Afterwards we will do a potluck at the fire hall for lunch.

Anyone who would like to help and have fun can call 478-4519. We can use all the help we can get. After all, hanging more than 10,000 lights and several displays is quite a job. So, get out and meet your neighbors. If you live along the highway and we can use your electricity, please let us know. We deeply appreciate the use of your electricity because without it, none of this would be possible.

Decorations will be turned on Thanksgiving through January 2, depending on Y2K, for everyone to enjoy.

The C.C.H.A would like to thank everyone who showed up for the fall meeting. Thanks to Judy Roberts who offered to put a fund-raiser together for next year so we can continue to do the nice things we do throughout the year.

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