Hooligans Smash Hallowe'en Tradition


Old tradition: Carving pumpkins for Hallowe'en. New tradition: Stealing those carved pumpkins.

My wife enjoys carving jack-o'-lanterns at this time of the year to add to the neigborhood Hallowe'en spirit. On Hallowe'en night some "kids" in a V8 pickup truck (we could tell by the noisy engine that it was a V8) parked in front of our house with the engine running.

My wife got up and opened the door, thinking someone was dropping off trick-or-treaters. Instead, she saw someone running down our driveway with her pumpkin.

Cindy doesn't just cut a few holes in her pumpkins, she spends hours creating a unique design.

This year, we didn't even get to take our usual picture of her annual efforts.

Next year? Bah, Humbug! We'll keep our decorations inside.

Herb Bartholomew, Payson

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