'Social Engineers' Changing Charm Of Community


It saddens me to see the same type of social-engineering policies -- mandatory seat belts, helmet laws, low-income housing, more growth -- that I have tried to get away from continually following hot on my footsteps.

I retired after 30 years in the fire service in Southern California and immediately began looking for a locale to settle in where I would be as free from government intrusion and excess as possible in these times of "Big Government."

The shear number of individual rights that one incurs simply by crossing the California border into Arizona (might surprise some).

Now I see the same signs in my new home that were evident in the gradual social decline that prompted me to leave California. Having talked with a few natives of this state, they are as alarmed and saddened as I about the insidious and gradual erosion of their individual rights and changes to their social environment.

One local indicated that these types are referred to as "corner crappers" (because) they created such an untenable environment where they lived with their liberal social agendas and ethics that even they couldn't stand to live there any longer. They then looked for a more pleasant environment in which to resettle.

The problem arises when they bring the very same socio-political ethic with them that ruined their previous environment. They then begin to (mess up) their current corner until it too becomes untenable, and they move on. Their attitude seems to be, "What a wonderful place this is to live, but it certainly could use some changes." Sad.

Perhaps I will not live long enough to see the demise of these destroyers of individual freedom and solitude. I do know that I am getting too long in the tooth to try to keep ahead of them.

Ron Hamric, Pine

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