Kaibab Land Purchase Not A Government Subsidy


by Sharesse Von Strauss,
Green Valley/Main Street coordinator
and Dick Wolfe, chairman
Green Valley Redevelopment Committee
As representatives of the Green Valley Redevelopment Area (GVRA), we would be remiss if we did not respond to the letter to the editor by Dan Adams regarding the purchase of the property between Main Street and Aero by the Town of Payson.

The information Adams presented is not based on fact. Perhaps if Mr. Adams had attended any of the GVRA meetings, which are open to the public, he would be better informed as to all the aspects of purchasing this property and the direction of the GVRA.

The acquisition of the property for off-street parking, the need for a north-south connector street and providing open space are all part of the Green Valley Redevelopment Plan as approved by the Payson Town Council. Mr. Adams did not attend the work study nor the council meeting, otherwise he would have been aware of these important facts.

In analyzing the redevelopment area, and long before Kaibab began experiencing problems, it was clear to the redevelopment committee that the purchase of acreage for the purposes (stated above) would benefit the town. Fortunately, this particular acreage fulfilled those needs. Yes, secondarily, Kaibab's Sawmill Crossing will benefit from the proceeds of this sale. Payson will at last have a movie theater, the operators of the theater will profit and those employed by the theater will benefit. It is called the free-enterprise system.

In no way can this be characterized as a subsidy, but is simply a business transaction that complies with the implementation plan of GVRA. To our knowledge, Kaibab has invested more than $700,000 in its Sawmill project, and not one penny of that has been public money.

The committee has been holding regular monthly meetings for more than 14 months and has presented programs to numerous civic, church and professional organizations. We have received overwhelming community support to bring the Main Street area out of its depressed state and make it again an area of civic pride and economic stability.

If you agree with our vision of the Green Valley/Main Street Redevelopment Area, we ask that you contact your Payson Town Council members and express that support. Thank you.

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