Rider Wearing Helmet Didn't See Freight Train


Thank you Dennis Kather for the letter regarding helmet laws. I'd like to share the experiences I've encountered wearing and not wearing a helmet.

At age 14, I got on my first Harley, and my grandfather insisted I wear a helmet. I was riding alongside the railroad tracks that ran along our farm land. I came upon the crossing, and while scooting over the tracks, I darn near got flattened by Great Northern Railroad. I did not hear, nor have the peripheral vision to see, the freight train. That was the last time I wore a helmet.

In 1993, I was scooting on my fifth Harley when a hit-and-run vehicle ran me off the road into a rock wall. I paid full-coverage insurance premiums over the course of 20 years without a claim.

Needless to say, my leg doesn't work the best, but nothing's wrong with my head. I currently scoot on my sixth Harley, helmetless.

There is a rider's safety course available to us bikers. Ironically, this safety course primarily focuses on performing evasive maneuvers should a vehicle pull out in front of you. It sure wouldn't hurt if there were a few questions on a vehicle driver's test regarding motorcycles -- especially to the driver of that red Cadillac that almost flattened me in front of Wal-Mart.

Grace Fulmer, Payson

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