Rodeo Officials Have Much To Gain By Mending Fences


I am writing in regard to the recent rift between the chamber of commerce and the Payson Pro Rodeo Committee.

Simply stated, there is too much wrong information and ill-will circulating on both sides to gainfully discuss issues or progress toward reconciliation through public comments or private one-on-one discussions.

I would like to pass along a positive comment that a friend shared with me recently. He said that the chamber of commerce and the rodeo committee both had much more to lose than to gain by severing their decades-long association. He suggested that what is needed is an opportunity for the boards of directors from both sides to sit down at the same table with a trained facilitator and discuss an amicable agreement between the two groups.

Such a meeting has never occurred.

In this case, an issue of such long-standing and public importance should be resolved by a quorum of leadership from both groups.

I urge both groups to gather around a table and give this issue a chance to be resolved face to face and not from separate meeting rooms.

Barry Cardinael, Payson

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