Veterans And The Flag Deserve Our Respect


"What does our country mean to you?
We know what it means to us -- freedom. Freedom to speak our minds, to live where we wish, to go where we want, to have a say in government through our right to vote, to be heard at town meetings and share our ideas about how our town should be run, to be a part of the town council if elected, to select our occupations, to own a business, to worship any faith we choose (or not worship at all).

We are concerned about an (apparent) lack of love or patriotism for this wonderful land of ours.

Do parents teach their children how lucky they are to live in America any more? Do the schools teach their students the Pledge of Allegiance and the proper way to salute the flag? Do students say the Pledge any more?

Love of country starts at an early age. Does anyone still get weepy eyed at the sight of our flag flying high, proudly proclaiming our freedom? We do!

We are appalled at the lack of respect at games, parades, etc. where many of the spectators do not seem to know how to show respect for our flag and what it represents.

The 11th of November is Veterans Day and we will be proudly displaying our flag and thanking any veterans that we know. I know they would appreciate your thanks too.

Thank you, veterans, for keeping us safe and free.

Carmen & Nancy De Cicco, Payson

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