Airport Growth Poses Greater Risk To Residents


My husband and I reside in Payson.

Like many other residents, we are retirees who relocated here to enjoy the rural lifestyle, the climate, and the pristine beauty this area has to offer.

We knew there was a small airfield in Payson when we made our decision to move here. At that time, air traffic was minimal. Mainly the Forest Service and the Air National Guard used the airfield.

Now, owned by the city of Payson, air traffic has increased tremendously, and future plans include increasing the present size of the airport, primarily for the use of private aircraft.

Our home, like many other residences, is in the line of the flight path, (as are an) elementary school and three churches.

In recent times, there have been three non-fatal crashes, one being very close to the school.

Apart from the noise factor, we now feel that we are all in greater danger, because of in-experienced pilots flying in from the Phoenix area in order to practice landings and take-offs, which are not allowed in their area.

Therefore, we are requesting that consideration be given to restricting the traffic, growth and use of this airport at its present location.

Thelma Fruitman, Payson

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