Humane Society A Pleasant Surprise


On Oct. 27, I placed a cat and two kittens with the Payson Humane Society. What I observed there so impressed me, I had to compliment them.

I had tried, but not too hard, for two months to find homes for Spite, Dottie and Seven-up. Two other humane society organizations had told me they would put my animals to sleep within 24 to 72 hours. I was at a loss as what to do.

On my way to Phoenix with my animals, I asked if Payson had a humane society. It was only three blocks away.

On entering the front door, (I saw) a play pen with play toys and climbing devices for kittens. The kittens were all playing together and happy. Then, going on in, I saw another play pen, and another. How different from being placed alone in a cage as I had seen in other facilities.

Tammy Jones met me at the front desk. Though they had lots of cats and kittens, she was very understanding about my need to find my animals homes. She told me they would keep the three of them as long as possible. Shalene took them and graciously put them out of sight, which made leaving there a little easier.

I didn't see the area for dogs, but I am confident it must surely provide the same happy environment.

I'm grateful for your facility and grateful that, by coincidence, I found it. All of Payson can be proud of the humane society and the wonderful people who work and volunteer there.

Sue Leman, Show Low

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