Speed Bumps In Alley Long Overdue


The Oct. 29 Roundup contained a question in the "What's up?" column regarding the new speed bumps in the alley behind the Swiss Village shops. The answer was very factual and precise. However, the question and answer did in no way convey the history behind the need for those speed bumps.

I live in one of the houses that back up to that alley. We have driveway access via the alley. Additionally, my kitchen window looks out into the back yard thus according me a view of the alley.

Furthermore, just north of our property line, the alley makes a very steep descent. So steep in fact, that the driver of a vehicle heading south in the alley has no line of sight until he or she has actually crested the hill. Conversely, the driver of a vehicle headed north is unable to know what is on the downside until he or she has actually begun the descent. I have seen several near head-on collisions at this crest.

I have alternately spoken, begged, pleaded, cajoled and gotten angry with (town employees) and the Payson Police Department with regard to safety in that alley. I was told by Town Engineer LaRon Garret that "Speed bumps create a liability for the town. The speed limit (15 mph) is posted, and that it's not a street department problem."

I have watched young kids in pickup trucks with several passengers sitting in the bed of the truck speed north in the alley because they have discovered that the faster they go, the more "air" they get when they hit the crest. It takes several seconds and many more feet before they finally touch down. This is dangerous!

I have also watched people who own businesses that back the alley, speed down that alley at speeds in excess of 20 mph. They (should) know better.

No, the alley is not suppose to be an access way. However, over the course of two hours, I have counted 23 vehicles traveling this alley, including a garbage pickup truck and multiple delivery trucks. Children use this alley, walking to and from school and other activities. They, too, have discovered the delight of bicycling, rollerblading and skateboarding down this steep incline.

What needs to happen before the Town of Payson will do or allow something to be done about the unsafe traffic condition in this alley?

Kim Chittick, Payson

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