Glad To Have Crawford Working On Our Behalf


It is so good to know that there are people concerned for the safety of our town. I'm referring in particular to Hilda Crawford. She is on the Airport Board and cares for all the people in Payson.

Although Payson has only approximately 54 licensed pilots, out of a population of 13,000, the air traffic over the town has increased immensely. On Sunday morning our pastor's sermon was interrupted a couple of times because of airplane noise.

What if a plane dropped on the church? Or on a school? Or crashed through a neighborhood?

All pilots should fly around the town of Payson (our own "no fly zone") and only fly east or west into the town to take off or land at the airport.

It would be sad to read that a plane crashed in the forest. It would be a tragedy to read that it crashed into a school.

Thank you, Ms. Crawford, for working on our behalf.

Carol Michaelis, Payson

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